Hature treatment at Jakwan Pharmacy in Nandigram, Paracetamol Syndicate

PID Reporter Sheikh Titumir Bogra:

The incidence of cold and fever has suddenly increased in Nandigram. Paracetamol did not match the required number of children and elderly patients in local pharmacies. Many patients complained that they were given 2 tablets from different companies instead of the required 10 tablets. The Upazila Chemists and Druggists Association has claimed that Paracetamol of Keximco alone is not available. However, other companies have paracetamol.

The shopkeepers have been trying to increase the prices by creating a syndicate by showing paracetamol crisis in the pharmacies of Nandigram Municipal Sadar for four days from last June 24.

Besides, shopkeepers and managers are treating cold-fever patients without a doctor at Jakwan Pharmacy in Nandigram municipal town. Occasionally a doctor sits there. Even if there is no doctor, treatment is being given with a hammer. Improper treatment in unlicensed local clinics and pharmacies occasionally leads to deaths of women and children.

It is known that the people of the village do not want to go to the hospital for fear of coronavirus. Although they are afraid of fever, they are not interested in corona test. It is also learned that the number of patients suffering from cold, cough and fever has increased in almost all the villages of the upazila. General treatment is going on at home. Some are seeking treatment outside the Upazila Health Complex or at a local clinic. As a result, the demand for paracetamol has increased.

Ariful Islam, Abdul Mannan and Aminul Islam, who came to the pharmacy to buy paracetamol, said that the children, who were soaked in the rain for several days, had contracted cold and fever. But they did not get more paracetamol than they needed to go to the pharmacy. In the last four days, the pharmacy has given two tablets instead of 10, stating that there is no paracetamol. But four days later, pharmacies are now selling paracetamol. Locals also commented that the shopkeepers had tried to increase prices by creating a syndicate by showing the paracetamol crisis.

The pharmacy shopkeepers of Nandigram Municipal Headquarters do not want to talk about this. However, Yunus Ali, president of the Upazila Chemist and Druggists Association and a businessman at Jakwan Pharmacy, claimed that there was no paracetamol crisis in the pharmacy. Paracetamol alone is not available. They will be able to supply medicines as per the demand.

Meanwhile, due to lack of awareness, many people are walking around the market in a sick condition without following the hygiene rules. The local administration is worried as the corona detection rate has increased in the upazila in the last one week. The Upazila Health Department is not able to determine the actual number of corona patients in the upazila due to the reluctance of the people to give samples for corona test. The health department has confirmed that 6 people have died of corona in the upazila so far. In the last one week, more than two hundred patients are being treated in the outpatient department for various symptoms including fever, cold and sore throat. Most patients become severely debilitated after contracting a fever.

In this context, Nandigram Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer. Tofazzal Hossain Mandal said that the fever and cold have increased a bit. Many are coming to the health complex with corona symptoms. They are repeatedly asked to test corona samples.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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