Hasan Member, General Secretary of Union Awami League, beat the Imam of the mosque after drinking alcohol in Tahirpur.

Sunamganj Correspondent:

Awami League general secretary and UP member Hasan Ali alias Hasan has been accused of beating up an imam of a mosque in Tahirpur, Sunamganj, after he stopped his car on the road in public.

At around 10.30am on Sunday, Hasan Member beat the imam of the mosque near his house on the Charagaon border road.

Uor Sreepur Union of Hasan Upazila is the general secretary of Awami League and UP member of the 2nd ward of that union.
Maulana Omar Farooq, imam of Darul Hedayet Hafizul Uloom Madrasa and Orphanage and Imam of the mosque, was physically beaten at Banshtala in Uor Sreepur Union of the upazila.

Earlier in the day, netizens in the area viralized a video of the UP member entering an arbitrator’s meeting and talking while intoxicated.

Later, angry leaders and activists of the local Awami League and ordinary people staged a protest rally demanding justice and expulsion from the party for beating the imam of the mosque.

On Sunday, the people of Charagaon Kalagaon Banshtala border town of the upazila and the imam of the battered mosque told the media that an arbitration meeting was held at the Jangalbari intersection under the chairmanship of former UP chairman Bir Muktijoddha Amir Uddin.

After getting addicted to drugs, Hasan entered the arbitrator’s office and spoke in a state of physical imbalance.

Meanwhile, after agreeing to stop playing Oras songs in the arbitration, the imam of the mosque in the arbitration, Maulana Omar Farooq, along with his sister-in-law, stopped the motorcycle on the way back to his institution and his house at Banshtala.

Maulana Omar Farooq told the media that after that, while he was addicted to drugs, he started beating me openly with Hasan member Kilgusi. He also beat my brother-in-law Jalal.

He further said that the people of UP are threatening to hang me if I go to the hospital for medical treatment or if I go to the police station to file a case in this regard.

Amir Uddin, former UP chairman of the upazila and a heroic freedom fighter, said the incident had tarnished the party’s image and caused an outrage among the people of the area over the beating of an apolitical innocent imam.

Selim Iqbal, president of Uor Sreepur Union Juba League and Ainal Haque, publicity secretary of the ward Awami League, said on Sunday that the party’s image had been tarnished due to drug-addicted Hasan after such a heinous incident.

On Sunday afternoon, Sreepur Uor Union Awami League general secretary UP member Hasan Ali alias Hasan, when asked about the allegations against him, claimed that all the allegations were false and baseless. Asked about the video footage and being addicted to drugs, he said, “My opponents have spread it, I’m not addicted.”

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