General People will suffer in a severe lockdown- GM Kader

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Jatiya Party Chairman and Deputy Leader of the Opposition GM Kader MP has said that the working people will be in great trouble if the food security is never ensured without ensuring food security for the poor and working people.

He said hungry people should never be kept indoors. Hunger and lockdown do not go together. The Jatiya Party chairman said this in a statement on Saturday.

GM Kader said it must be admitted that there is no alternative to lockdown if the corona virus spreads in the form of an epidemic. But there are millions of hardworking people in the country who do not have food stocks at home. By earning every day, they have to procure food every day. Almost every such family has to buy medicine along with food and in some cases baby food. You have to pay rent.

‘If millions of people are unable to go to work every day due to the lockdown, there will be wailing in all these families. Humanitarian catastrophes could occur across the country. In addition, the law and order situation may break down due to lack of.

The Jatiya Party chairman further said that the government has to ensure food security for the poor and working people for humanitarian reasons. Besides, the concerned people should be strictly prepared so that the government aid for the extremely poor is not stolen.

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