Former president of Chakaria Upazila Awami League Nurul Quader B.Com’s death – Family complaint

Mir Dinar Hossain, Special Correspondent:

Former President of Greater Chakaria Upazila Awami League, veteran politician Mr. Nurul Quader B.Com passed away at Chittagong Metropolitan Hospital on Sunday, August 1 at 1:15 pm after a long illness. Bangladesh Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader has expressed deep grief over his death.

Long political biography of Mr. Nurul Quader B.Com

Mr. Nurul Quader B.Com was a former president and former member of the undivided Chakaria Upazila branch of the Bangladesh Awami League Cox’s Bazar District Awami League.

He started his political career as a volunteer in the 1970 elections as an activist of Bangladesh Chhatra League and was initiated in the ideology of Bangabandhu. Later ‘Sir Ashutosh Government College’ was in charge of Chhatra League and was active with Bangladesh Awami League till his death.

Mr. Nurul Quader B.Com played the role of organizer in the great liberation war in 1971. Due to the family’s active position in favor of the liberation war, the Rajkars looted and burnt their houses in 1971. Their family Kachari house is still witnessing the future.

In 1977, the then ruler Zia was arrested by the military and imprisoned for re-establishing the Bangladesh Chhatra League in Chakaria and Cox’s Bazar. He was subjected to physical torture.

In 1986, the veteran politician was tortured and jailed by the security forces loyal to the then ruler Ershad for playing an active role in the anti-authoritarian Ershad movement.

Due to the active position of Mr. Nurul Quader B.Com in the movement to overthrow the dictator Ershad in 1990, the people of Chakriya adopted him as a leader and activist of ‘Land and People’.

In 1991, when the BNP was in power, Mr. Nurul Quader B.Com suffered inhuman oppression, torture, fell victim to false cases and harassment cases.

Later, undivided Chakaria Upazila Awami League executive committee member from the co-president. Awami League has made the party in the worst of times.

In 1996, he was elected President of the Chakaria Upazila Awami League Conference and Council. At that conference, his long time political colleague and friend the late Advocate Amjad Hossain was elected General Secretary.

What did this veteran leader, who gave his youth to the team, get in his last age?

After ’75, Chakaria Upazila Awami League had no permanent office. Group meetings were held at hotels, community centers, or on school porches. After Mr. Nurul Quader was elected as the President of B.Com Awami League, he sold the ancestral property of his wife Dilruba Erfan and bought land in the Upazila Sadar in response to the demands of the leaders and workers of Awami League, Chhatra League and Juba League. Bir Bahadur MP was the first to set up a permanent office of Semipaka Tinsed on that land and inaugurated the office at that time. He managed his political and family life by selling his ancestral property during the worst of the Awami League. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s pictures and ideals were sold, he did not pocket two paise by partisanship and he did not involve himself in any work contrary to Mujibadarsh.

He had Parkinson’s disease for a long time. His family had to lose their way to pay for the treatment of this expensive disease. At one time, he sold patrimonial property, paid for politics with a mortgage, spent his youth, but in his last years, when Mr. Nurul Quader B.Com was ill, no one looked for him. Mr. Nurul Quader was admitted to the Corona Unit of Chittagong Metropolitan Hospital by his family when his condition was deteriorating.

This expensive treatment was almost impossible for Nurul Quader B. Kom’s family to afford.

Mr. Nurul Quader’s family members complained

‘He who has spent his whole life following the ideals of Bangabandhu has lived a greedy political life, he has not made any money for his children. Today, the man who unselfishlsacrificed his life and youth for the present ruling Awami League did not see anyone come forward beside him except for a few moments before he gave up his last breath, but one thing has been observed – the news of his death is full of mourning! The only question that remains is whether the top members of the party continue to enjoy a privileged position of power during his illness.
Couldn’t you stand? ‘

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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