Fear of environmental catastrophe in Habiganj garbage pile

Liton Pathan, Sylhet Bureau Chief:

On one side is Raghunandan hill, on the other side is the home of common people. The unplanned urbanization that has developed right next to it has become a threat to biodiversity. Disaster could strike at any moment for the biodiversity of the people of the region.

Due to unplanned waste management, on the one hand, rivers and canals are being closed, on the other hand, rivers and canals are being polluted and poisoned.

Biodiversity is on the verge of extinction due to depletion of water in nearby rivers and canals.

For some time now, waste has been used by local industries in government places near the Sutang Bridge on the Dhaka-Sylhet Highway in Habiganj and on the way to Shahjibazar on the way to Shahjibazar from Alipur on the old road of LGED from Shayestaganj.

As a result, the life of the people around has become unbearable. Gentle children are getting infected with various airborne diseases while walking on the side of this dirt. At the same time, the passengers are asking the question while passing through the smelly area by pressing their noses and mouths. Their question is why this issue is still not coming to the notice of the authorities?

According to the locals, in the morning a group of people brought dirt in a van or pickup and dumped it here. Sometimes dirt is dumped here in the dark of night. Despite the ban, they are not taking it into account.

Raju Tom Mia, a local tomtom driver, complained that passengers did not want to come here because of the stench. Many passengers even vomit because of the stench.

Alipore Bazar Businessmen Welfare Association General Secretary. When contacted, Abu Taher said, ‘I know about the matter. But I don’t know which company is throwing dirt here. Building a dumping station and dumping garbage would have saved the environment. ‘

Saifullah, Deputy Assistant Engineer (Roads) of Shayestaganj Railway, said, ‘I have learned about the matter. We will take up the matter with the higher authorities. ”

In this regard, Tofazzal Sohel, general secretary of Bangladesh Environment Movement (BAPA) Habiganj district, said that this is happening due to unplanned industrialization.

In this way, the environment and biodiversity are being threatened by dumping the waste of local industries. It is important for the local administration and the concerned authorities to take necessary steps in this regard.

Shayestaganj Upazila Executive Officer. When contacted, Minhazul Islam said, “I am aware of the matter. I will go to see on the spot. Then we will take the necessary steps. Of course, the environment is being degraded and its stench is spreading various diseases and germs. The matter needs to be considered. I am taking cognizance of this and will take necessary steps.

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