Extraction of sand from crop land with illegal dredger machine at Homna, Comilla in monthly chada

Taufiqul Islam, Titas-representative

Where not even an inch of crop land can be left vacant, Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s announcement is being thumbed down and a land-cutting festival is being held in Homna, Comilla with some unscrupulous people of the. administration

Journalists went to the spot and saw that the crop lands of different villages of Homna Upazila were being cut and sand was being extracted freely with illegal shallow engines.

The same picture emerges in the crop lands of different villages of Homna upazila. However, Assistant Commissioner (Land) Mosammat Tania could not be reached for comment on the role of the land office in these matters.

Going to the spot on Wednesday morning, June 30, it was seen that Abdur Rahim Mia was extracting sand by illegal dredging in Babarkandi-Itabhara area of ​​Nilkhi Union.

Meanwhile, in the land of Mirash village of the same union, it is also seen that sand is being extracted by cutting the crop land with another illegal dredger. Uttam Kumar, the owner of the dredger, could not be reached for comment. However, his employee, the dredger driver, said, “Sir, I will contact you later.” Journalists want to know why you should contact in this regard, he said you are having trouble, you do not have the cost?

Journalists said we did not come for money. I have come for the welfare of the people. On the other hand, Rehat Ali, son of late Abdur Rashid, was driving a dredger machine with an illegal shallow engine.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, June 18, the administration did not take any action after receiving information about an illegal dredger in the Chaifullakandi Kanda area of ​​Mathabhanga Union. As a result, the owner of the dredger dug 150 percent of the land for 12 days and extracted sand freely but fined another Tk 3,000 to the owner of the dredger found on the road. Their demand is now if this land grabbers are not stopped; Experts fear that there will be no way to fill the crop land deficit in the future and the balance of the environment will be disturbed and biodiversity will be threatened.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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