Due to severe lockdown, traders in Sylhet could not collect half of their skins this time

Liton, Sylhet Representative

Due to the lockdown in Sylhet, there was a drop in prices and arrears to the tannery owners. The traders of Sylhet were uninterested in leather from the very beginning and as a result they could not collect the skin of half of the sacrificed animals. Again, there were doubts about the price of the collected leather

According to the Sylhet District Livestock Office, about two lakh animals have been sacrificed in Sylhet district and about four lakh in the department this Eid, but leather traders say they have been able to collect about 60,000 skins from Sylhet district this year. The traders also expressed fears that some of their skins might be smuggled.

However, the police said that no leather was smuggled this time. The border area was under strict police surveillance. On Friday, they went to a leather warehouse in Jhalopara area of ​​Sylhet city.
Shamim Ahmed, president of Sylhet Shahjalal Leather Traders’ Association, said that the traders of Sylhet have collected about 60,000 hides of leather this time due to capital crisis. Trafficking can also happen.

He said that due to falling prices, lockdown, lack of government patronage, transportation problems, delays in payment of arrears to tannery owners and other complications, leather business is no longer interested in traders. He said that due to lack of money, they could not procure more than half a dozen skins.

Meanwhile, in order not to spoil the leather, the initiative of Sylhet City Corporation has been taken to make the skin process free of cost.

Hanifur Rahman, waste management and administrative officer of Sylhet City Corporation, a temporary leather processing breeding center, has been opened in Paraich on the afternoon of Eid. In addition, it has been seen that leather is being sold without processing in some parts of the city, which is causing serious damage to the environment.

He said that the city corporation has taken initiative to process leather free of cost on the instructions of city mayor Ariful Haque Chowdhury to reduce the waste of leather and protect the environment of the city.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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