Despite the increase in corona infection, there are no people in 9 upazilas suffering from PCR lab in Habiganj.

Liton, Sylhet Bureau Chief.

PCR lab has not been set up for corona test at Habiganj Sadar Hospital. But about a year ago, the Department of Health appointed 4 lab technologists
It can be seen on the ground that the hadith of PCR lab did not match anywhere in Habiganj Sadar Hospital.

Expatriate Shahin Ahmed said that we are given 24 hours for corona test and within that we have to do corona test and submit report but we don’t have in Habiganj. Report from PCR Lab, Sylhet or Dhaka takes 3-5 days. We are in uncertainty. He soon set up a PCR lab in Habiganj.

On the other hand, samples of corona patients are being taken in front of the pathology of Habiganj Sadar Hospital. Ordinary patients are terrified of this. The number of patients has increased a lot now than before, but most of the patients come around 12 o’clock, so we all come together and eat Himsim. We need another technologist.

Moreover, the risk of infection is increasing day by day due to the free movement of people. The rate of infection is increasing day by day in Habiganj. It takes 3-5 days at most to get the report and it takes till the report is received. The risk of infection is increasing in the free movement and as a result the common people are suffering.

About a year ago, the Department of Health hired four medical technologists for the PCR lab. Two of them have been transferred again. Many are not doing the tests as it is too late to get the report.

Habiganj Civil Surgeon KM Mostafizur Rahman said that it has not been possible so far as the infrastructure work has not been completed and the Public Works Department has not handed over to us. The Public Works Department is working very fast.

Civil Surgeon Mukhlishur Rahman Ujjal said 3,384 people were infected with corona in Habiganj and 25 people died of corona. Out of these, corona has been identified in the last 24 hours against 200 samples.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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