Despite committing serious crimes, Brothers Union was able to get through

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The Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) has become an extreme amateur in the professional football league. Brothers Union took part in the change of party two days after the scheduled time without heeding the rules and regulations. BFF did not give any punishment to that team, it gave them a chance to play in Bangladesh Premier League.

BFF protested the club for not changing teams at the scheduled time. The BFF’s players’ status committee gave the Brothers a chance to play in the Federation Cup, but kept the league in check. It was said that the decision would be taken by the disciplinary committee and the executive committee of BFF as the crime was serious. In the end, the final decision was made by the Players Status Committee.

The brothers who committed the ‘serious crime’ got away with it without any punishment. BFF seems to have encouraged others to break the rules by forgiving the Brothers for setting a precedent in Bangladesh domestic football without changing teams at the scheduled time. Many on the football field had the idea that even if the Brothers were given a chance to play in the league, they would have to pay a hefty fine. But BFF walked the other way.

Why a decision that could encourage other clubs to break the rules in the future? In the last election of BFF, three officials of this club have won, including a vice president and two members. Is that why the BFF Players Status Committee did not dare to punish?

Let’s take a look at BFF’s explanation for not punishing the Brothers. They said: “The club has been allowed to play in the Premier League considering the detailed discussions of the BFF executive committee, the past tradition of the Brothers Union and its regular participation in all competitions organized by the BFF.”

However, Saif Sporting Club has been fined Tk 25,000 for not sending coaches and players to the pre-final press conference of the Federation Cup. The general secretary and manager of the club were present at the pre-final press conference but could not save Saif from punishment

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