Deer hunter arrested with 4,000 feet trap from Sundarbans

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Abu-Hanif. Bagerhat office:

The forest department has arrested a hunter named Alam Sheikh (48) with a 4,000 feet nylon rope trap while preparing to hunt deer in the eastern Sundarbans. He was arrested from Badamtala area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKatka Sanctuary in Sharankhola Range around 12 noon on Monday.

In his confession, the forest rangers seized a dinghy boat and 16 bundles of fishing rods, 8 cans of ice and a da from a small canal in the area. The arrested Alam Sheikh is the son of Habib Sheikh of Uttar Rajapur village in Sharankhola upazila of Bagerhat.

Sharankhola Range Assistant Forest Conservator (ACF) said. Joynal Abedin said, based on secret news, the officer-in-charge of the Katka Sanctuary Center. The hunter was arrested by the forest rangers led by Abul Kalam. During this time, four and a half thousand feet of deer traps were recovered from the Badamtala forest and other equipment was seized. A case will be filed against him under the Forest Act.

Cuttack sanctuary center officer in charge. Abul Kalam said Alam Sheikh is a professional deer hunter. He is believed to have more collaborators. He is being searched in different areas of the forest to catch them.

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