Death of a prisoner convicted in a murder case in Habiganj

Send Liton, Sylhet Bureau Chief

Raju Ahmed of Nabiganj, a convicted prisoner of Habiganj Jail, died on Tuesday (July 6th) while undergoing treatment at Sylhet Osmani Medical College Hospital. The son of late Abdul Khalik of Anmanu village in Raju Ahmed municipal area died. A wise court has sentenced four people, including Raju Ahmed, to life imprisonment for raping and killing a pregnant housewife Fateha Begum in Nabiganj.

Sources said that the accused Babul Mia, along with her husband Saidul Mia, lured the 6-month-pregnant housewife Fateha Begum, 24, daughter of Arab Ali of Haripur village in Nabiganj municipal area, around 9 pm on August 20, 2002. They called him from his house and took him to Babul Mia’s house. They took him in a boat and took him to Shakhabrak river. They raped him in a boat in protest of their brutal torture and threatened to teach him a lesson. The accused suffocated and killed Fateha. Hides in the field.

One day after the incident, at around 11 am on August 21, Nabiganj police recovered Fateha’s body from the bank of Shakhabrak river and brought it to the police station. Filed Murder Case No. 26 Tang-21/08/2002 against Abdul Khalik at Nabiganj Police Station
Police arrested Saidul Haque, the husband of the deceased Fateha, within a day of filing the case.

After the police investigation, the then investigating officer SI Kamal Uddin sent a chargesheet against 5 persons on 01/12/2002 and another accused Raju Ahmed was released and sent a charge sheet to the court.
Later, when the plaintiff in the case filed an objection, the wise court took cognizance of it and handed over the investigation to Habiganj CID.
Meanwhile, a review of the autopsy report on the murder of the sensational housewife Fateha found that she was 6 months pregnant and had been raped before the murder.

Later, the case was transferred to Habiganj Women and Child Abuse Suppression Court for settlement of the case. After 17 years of the incident, the judge of Habiganj Women and Child Abuse Suppression Court-3 reviewed the documents of the case, the statements of the witnesses and the statements of the strategists of both the parties and gave the verdict on Monday, July 8, 2019. Abdul Mannaf, son of late Abdul Noor of Haripur village, Babul Mia, son of late Bajla Mia and Raju Ahmed, son of Abdul Khalik of Anmanu village were sentenced to life imprisonment by Saidul Haque and Abdul Monnaf to Tk 1 lakh.

Alal Mia, son of late Raiman Ali of Haripur village and Abdul Khaliq, son of late Abdul Latif were acquitted for one more year imprisonment for non-payment of fine. Relatives of the convict have appealed to the high court against the verdict. Raju Ahmed died at Sylhet Osmani Medical College Hospital after 23 months and 28 days of imprisonment.
Earlier, he was taken to Habiganj Sadar Adhunik Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. He was shifted to Sylhet Osmani Medical College Hospital on July 1 where he succumbed to his injuries.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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