Death of a farmer due to electrocution

Md. Shahidul Islam Khulna District:

A farmer died of electrocution in Kanchanpur village of Dumuria upazila of Khulna on Monday around 26/07/2021.

The deceased was identified as Mohammad Ali Ahmed Fakir, 30. Father’s name is Md. Rajab Ali Fikir (65).

Sources in the family and neighbors of the deceased told our correspondent that after breakfast, two brothers and a total of 3 people went to cultivate aman paddy on their own land to kill paddy seedlings / leaves.

But as there was not enough water in the land, he supplied water with his own peas, and when the required water became available, he went to swiss up the peas, but did not return later. After a long time, he did not come and later his elder brother went and saw him lying dead. Chuknagar later took Chuknagar to a local private clinic and declared him dead.

In the middle of the moment, the shadow of mourning descended on the black clouds in the area and the roll of tears fell. An unnatural death case was being prepared at Dumuria police station due to such death.

Influential leaders of the area rushed to the side of the bereaved family to offer their condolences. Possible chairman candidate of Maguraghona Union No. 6, Md. Rafiqul Islam (Hilal), S, M Rokonuzzaman (Montu) Md. Shahadad Haldar, etc.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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