Crowds of people flocked to Abhaynagar to get the corona vaccine

Aminur Rahman (Staff Reporter) Jessore:

Covid-19 vaccination is being carried out simultaneously across the country to prevent the spread of the global epidemic corona virus. Following this, the second dose of Oxford Astrogeneca vaccine has been given at Abhaynagar Upazila Health Complex in Jessore. And that is why a large number of people are waiting for the first dose of this vaccine. Such a picture has been noticed while visiting the Upazila Health Complex since Tuesday morning.

The hospital authorities are struggling to cope with the pressure of vaccinations. The line on the second floor went and stopped on the ground floor. Shambhu’s wife from Sujatpur has come to take the second dose of the vaccine. However, they expressed annoyance after standing in line for a long time. He said that he has been standing in line since 9 am with at least 100 people in front. Josna Begum of Magura village said I took the first dose 2/3 months ago and today I have been standing since morning to take the second dose. Akbar Hossain of Harishpur complained that we have been standing in the serial since morning but many people came after us and left with the vaccine. Alok Biswas of Dhopadi said I was waiting for the second dose with the first dose, I hope I can take it today.

Asked about this, Abhaynagar Upazila Health Complex Residential Medical Officer Alimur Rajib said, “We have started giving the second dose of Astrogena vaccine from Monday.” I am giving this vaccine to 200 people every day from 9 am. There is an attempt to give it to 300 people. Regarding the complaints of the people who came to get vaccinated, he said that our job is to vaccinate everyone, not to cultivate kinship. No one outside the serial is being vaccinated.

More than 1.521 million people across the country were waiting for the Oxford Astrogeneca vaccine. Which is being given across the country in phases from 6th August. Those who have received SMS for taking the second dose will not have to wait for a new massage. They will be able to get vaccinated by showing the previous message.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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