Crops of about 200 bighas of land in Abhaynagar are under water

Aminur Rahman, Jessore

A new Bhavadha is about to be born in Abhaynagar of Jessore. Three hundred and ninety bighas of crops have been submerged. Debt-ridden farmers have become exhausted. Adjacent to the north-western part of the 8th ward of Nawapara municipality and in several places including the eastern edge of Chalishia Union, there are 190 bighas of very good arable land. Locally known as Kharlar Bill. It is inhabited by marginal farmers of Gazipur, Jafarpur, Ektarpur and Gramtala areas. Paddy, vegetables and betel cultivation are their main sources of income.

During the monsoon season, water from 5 poles falls on 3 sides of this field and this water was discharged through 2 places without any hindrance for a long time. Due to unplanned construction of houses and fishing grounds, houses, barns, yards, bathrooms and even tubewells along with the crop lands of this area are under water. As the area has been under water blockade for a long time, about 300 families in the area are living inhumane lives with their families in fear of snakes.

Yaqub Ali, a marginal farmer affected by the bill, said, “I lease 6 bighas of land and cultivate vegetables and paddy every year, giving food to five members of my family.” A few days ago, I cultivated brinjal in 1 bigha of land with the lease money of the land. And I cultivate paddy in 8 bighas of land. But due to unplanned fencing and obstruction of drainage, all my crops were submerged in water and all were ruined.

How do I live with my family now? I will put food in their mouths and someday I will give the lease money to the land owner. Shekhar Mandal, another victim of the bill, said, “Our 5 brothers had 2 bighas of land for drinking waste which has ended up in this waterlogging. We are exhausted. Our drink of 5 lakh rupees has been wasted. How can we now put two handfuls of food in the mouth of our family. It costs a lot of money to waste. We have taken loans from various associations, now I can’t think of a way to repay these loans. Not only these, Dilip, Ganesh, Ashutosh, Manik of this bill keep on lamenting saying the same thing. The person who has always stood by these helpless people.

When the person who wanted to find a permanent solution to the problem spoke to Ghulam Rashid Bablu, he said, “I have contacted the locals several times for a permanent solution to the problem, but to no avail.” 6 months ago today, when I contacted the government offices thinking about the severity of the upcoming monsoon season, Aceland, the social welfare officer and the LGD engineer visited the spot, made a map and took the water easily along the Ektarpur government road on the west side of the bill. Go with the hope that you will be able to throw the bill into the canal. But even in 6 months, they did not see any other role.

Meanwhile, what was feared happened. Due to the monsoon, the rain water is constantly increasing. Besides, due to the lack of drainage system, the overall livelihood of the locals is being hampered and the cultivation of large crop lands is being disrupted. Extreme losses have been inflicted on the peasant families. Today, the dream of the poor people of these areas to produce huge potential crops has been cut off their throats. They are having nightmares of living a miserable life with the burden of debt on their heads. Some people’s homes have become uninhabitable.

Ektarpur and Jafarpur border areas are on the 400 feet east side of the privately owned land, which is closed to the concerned authorities of the poor marginal peasantry in the area. Requested to take necessary action.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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