Construction of toilets and various projects in Tahirpur cost money.

Construction of toilets and various projects in Tahirpur cost money.

Sunamganj Correspondent:

Harilut has been accused of paving market alleys in the market development sector and constructing toilets in the market health and sanitation sector under the LGSP-3 project in the 2019-20 financial year in Sreepur North Union, Tahirpur, Sunamganj.

A written complaint was lodged with the Tahirpur Upazila Nirbahi Officer in this regard by Md. Kabir Mia, son of Md. Shahnur Miah of Sreepur (Kurer Para) village in Sreepur North Union of the upazila. 3 lakh was allocated for the work and in the health and sanitation sector of the same market, 4 lakh was allocated for the construction of toilets in the market. This was done by Md. Abul Kalam K, UP member of ward 7 of Sreepur North Union of the upazila. He completed the work of laying pavement and construction of toilets in Sreepur Bazar a few days ago. But in reality, according to the project, he completed the work at a cost of Rs 30,000, and in the same way he completed the construction of toilets at a cost of Rs 70,000 Built a substandard toilet. This is creating resentment among the local common people including the market committee.

When asked about this, the locals, including the masons involved in the alley paving work, said that they did not see anything called alley paving work in the market, but on the road from Sreepur Bazar to the house of the current UP chairman of Uttar Sreepur Union in Nayaband village, He used 192 feet of sand to join the old block joint, used 26 sacks of cement, and paid the mason Rs. 9,600. It also took 24-26 workers to fill in some parts of the soil. The cost is only about 32,940 rupees.

When I tried to talk to the mason involved in the construction of the toilet, I tried many times on his mobile phone but he could not talk because he did not receive the call. However, the locals said that out of the allocation of Tk 4 lakh, the construction work of the toilet was completed at an estimated cost of Tk 70,000-80,000, the concerned UP member said.

In this regard, Ziaur Rahman Akhanji Zia, a member of the convening committee of the local Sreepur market management, said that the people coming to the market from different places, including the traders of the market, have been suffering for a long time due to lack of public toilets in Sreepur market. In this we have been demanding construction of a public toilet from various government departments and local people’s representatives. To meet our demands and end the suffering, the government has allocated Rs 4 lakh for the construction of a public toilet in Sreepur Bazar, but sadly, the person implementing the toilet construction work, Sreepur North Md. Abul Kalam alias (Abul), a UP member of the 8th ward of the union, completed the construction of a toilet at a cost of approximately 60-70 thousand rupees with an allocation of 4 lakh rupees. This is causing anger among the local people. We demand the concerned authorities to investigate the matter and take necessary steps.

Motachir Alam Subal, convener of Sreepur Bazar Management Committee and headmaster of Janata High School, said, “I am the convener of the market committee. I have not informed anyone including the convening committee about the construction of toilets and paving of alleys in this market. This toilet is supposed to be built in the same way as the one built in the Watch-Tower area of ​​Tanguar Haor.

Talking to UP member Md Abul Kalam alias Abul on his mobile phone, he handed over the mobile phone to UP chairman Haji Khasrul Alam without saying anything. He said Rs 3 lakh and Rs 2 lakh was allocated for the work. Now it is not over, the block is being made, if the block is made, the work will be finished.

When contacted, Upazila Engineer Iqbal Kabir said, “We have not seen the matter. We have seen the PIO office. When we asked Subrata, the PIO office engineer, he said that the work is under the LGD office.”

When asked about this, Upazila Nirbahi Officer Padmasan Singh said, “I see the matter and necessary action will be taken quickly.”

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