Clashes, vandalism and looting at the border of the house in Kuliarchar: 3 injured.

Md. Main Uddin, Staff Reporter:

Clashes, house-to-house vandalism and looting have taken place in Kuliarchar, Kishoreganj, over a border dispute. Three people, including two women, were injured in the incident.

The incident took place at around 1pm on Monday (June 14) at the house of late freedom fighter Abdul Sattar Orufe Chetu Mia in Nalbaid Madhyapara village of Faridpur union of the upazila.

According to the details of the incident, Saiful Islam, son of late freedom fighter Abdul Sattar alias Chetu Miah and Deen Islam, son of late Abdul Hashim of the same house, Nur Islam and Shah Alam had been arguing for a long time over the boundaries of the house. Due to this dispute, the clash took place when Saiful Islam tried to obstruct the construction of a toilet tank near the border of Saiful Islam’s house on Monday afternoon. Saiful Islam (40), his mother Bakula Begum (65) and wife Nasreen Akhter (35) were injured in the clash. The injured are undergoing treatment at Kuliarchar Upazila Health Complex.

On the other hand, Saiful Islam and his men attacked 4 houses of Deen Islam and vandalized 4 houses and looted the furniture in the house.

Injured Saiful Islam said that there was a long-running dispute with Deen Islam over the boundaries of his house. Eventually, the locals beat Amin to death by arbitration. Later, disobeying Amin’s measure, Deen Islam Gangra forcibly went to the disputed border around noon on Monday to build a toilet tank.

At that time Saiful Islam told him to keep the tank away from the border. Deen then started working in the tank without listening to his words and obstacles. When Saiful Islam interrupted again, at one stage they started arguing. In this gap, Rubel, the son of Deen Islam, came with a Ramadan and attacked Saiful Islam and got angry at random with Ramadan. At that time, on hearing Saiful Islam’s call, the neighbors came forward and rescued him and took him to the hospital. His mother and wife were injured when they came to save him.

On the other hand, admitting the dispute over the border, Deen Islam said that after the settlement in the arbitral tribunal, when Saiful Islam and his men went to build toilet tanks in their own place, they attacked them with rams, spears and lattices and ran to save their lives. When the attackers could not catch them, they attacked and vandalized 4 houses and caused an estimated loss of Tk 6/7 lakh. At that time, the attackers took 4 lakh rupees in cash and 3 gold ornaments from Deen Islam’s house.

Asked about the vandalism and looting of houses, local Awami League leaders Abul Kalam and Mohsin said the incident was caused by angry people in the area after Saiful Islam was injured. It is learned that both the parties have lodged a written complaint with the Kuliarchar police station.

The situation in the area was tense till the writing of this report.

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Author: The Crime 24

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