Celebrating the birth anniversary of Comrade Mohammad Farhad in Boda

NA Rabiul Hasan Liton, Panchagarh District Representative:

Comrade Mohammad Farhad Community Hospital at Balramhat in Boda celebrated the birth anniversary of Comrade Mohammad Farhad, former General Secretary of the Communist Party of Bangladesh and former Member of Parliament for Panchagarh-2 constituency in Boda, Panchagarh. In keeping with the hygiene norms, a documentary was screened on the occasion of the birth anniversaries of ten volunteer students of the health school of the institute, special reading cycles on his biography and distribution of masks were initiated.

A video documentary on Comrade Mohammad Farhad was shown on July 5 (Monday) at 11 am. After that a special reading session was held on his biography with the students of the health school. Sijul Islam, Program Officer (Management) of Hunger Free World Boda Panchagarh, discusses his education, politics and struggling life. Also participating in the discussion were Anil Chandra Sharma, Accounts Officer, Hunger Free World Boda Panchagarh, Taskin Tabachum Brishti, Deputy Assistant Community Medical Officer, Comrade Mohammad Farhad Community Hospital, Monalisa, President, Youth Against Hunger Boda Panchagarh. Students participating in the course said that so far we have only known the name of Comrade Mohammad Farhad but he played an important role in national politics and language movement, education movement, anti-Ayub movement, mass movement of 1970, election of 1970, formation of guerrilla forces in 1971 and anti-dictatorship movement I didn’t know about that before. Responding to Bangabandhu’s call, the special guerrilla forces of the NAP-Student Union-Communist Party led by Comrade Mohammad Farhad surrendered their arms to him again after the war. To commemorate this great organizer of the War of Liberation, Hunger Free World, a Japan-based voluntary organization, named their health center after Comrade Mohammad Farhad. The local administration and people have also named the Panchpir Road from Boda Shimultali after him long ago. At the end of the lesson, more than four hundred cloth masks sent by Comrade Mani Singh-Farhad Memorial Trust were distributed. Masks were given as gifts among the participants in the lesson. It will be distributed in different places.

All the students of the health school are requested to highlight the importance of using masks to make the people of the area aware of the prevention of corona virus and to urge them to go to Boda Upazila Health Complex without any hesitation if any symptoms appear. Besides, registration of corona virus vaccine is being done free of cost from Comrade Mohammad Farhad Community Hospital.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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