Boats and pesticides seized in the Sundarbans

Abu-Hanif, Bagerhat Office

The forest department has seized pesticides along with boats while preparing to enter the Sundarbans illegally for fishing. On Tuesday morning, the forest rangers raided the Pashur River in the Chandpai Range of the Sundarbans East Forest Department and seized boats and pesticides. At that moment, the three men in the boat jumped into the river and fled. Later, the forest guards broke the seized boat on the instructions of the higher authorities.

Enamul Haque, assistant forest conservator at Chandpai Range, said forest rangers spotted three people in a boat on the Pashur River in the Sundarbans during regular raids. When the forest rangers chased them, they jumped out of the boat and fled. At that time, 18 bottles and 6 packets of pesticides were recovered from the boat. He said a case has been filed under the Forest Act in this regard. Earlier on Monday morning, the forest department detained a man from the Sundarbans with deer hunting traps and pesticides for five days.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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