Binod Bihari sings Vidyasagar, the founder of 52 schools deprived of government awards and honors.

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Until the death of the first child, Shake or grief could not dismiss him. Glory and abundance did not attract him. The value of social establishment is more important to him than self-establishment. His family members including wife, son and daughter are present. But that Maya did not hinder his action. Rather, ignoring the world, he has done many unsolicited services for life and society. The people of Sundarbans have given the title of Vidyasagar to such a great man out of love.

Throughout his life he pursued education, health and social development. The people of the Sundarbans still remember the balance and fragrance of the heart in the political arena.

Binadebihari Gain was born in the month of Magh 1329 in Khulna village of Sandeshkhali police station in North 24 Parganas to an agrarian Paundrakshatriya family. Father Rudranath sings, mother Parvati sings.

Binayed Babu lost his father in his childhood. Injuries were seen in both eyes during the fifth grade. Grandfather late Bipin Bihari Gain called him a lot of doctors-

Kabiraj showed. Eventually he was taken to the Blind Relief Camp (now Eye Hospital) in Kolkata. It didn’t go well there either. Later, eye specialist Dr. K. Hazra was taken. He said his right eye was defective from birth. He arranged for medicine and spectacles as much as possible. Said, I have to stop studying. Otherwise you can go blind at the age of forty.

But due to his indomitable interest in studies, he continued his studies without the knowledge of Dr. Hazra. Wounds appear again. Again

Go to the doctor. The doctor said that he did not stop reading. As a result of repeated injuries, he was forced to finish his studies in the ninth grade. Not a miracle corner event. Although no formal education was obtained for eye ailments, more than fifty-nine ninth grade schools were set up in the Sundarbans.

This student became an educator to the people. Binayed Babu has built 52 schools with 13 primary schools, 19 junior high schools and 20 high schools. Gaeta spent his life addicted to building schools.

He was the headmaster of Khulna PC Laha Vidyalaya. After teaching for only 6 years, he voluntarily quit his job due to the intoxication of building a school.

From 1949 to 1990, he fought tirelessly for 41 years to spread education in the riverine islands of the Sundarbans. Hingalganj, Sandeshkhali, Gaesaba, Basanti, Canning etc. of Sundarbans

The founder of most of the schools where thousands of students now study in the area is the educationist Binaid Bihari Gain. In the words of Binad Babu, “I have a bigger education work than politics. Nothing can be done without education. So as long as the body is healthy, I have given priority to this work. ” So outside of politics, he is loved and respected by all the people of the area.

He thought that if he imprisoned himself as a teacher in a certain educational institution, he would be an illiterate poor agricultural man in different parts of the Sundarbans.

It will not be possible to build schools for. So after teaching for only 6 years from his personal teaching life, he voluntarily gave up the habit of building a school. Jaeg entered Congress politics, later of course Manoranjan Shura joined the CPI in 1986, he also led the peasant movement. The leader of the Tebhaga movement is the CPI

He joined the Tebhaga movement holding the hand of Manoranjan Shura.

One of the main goals of his politics was to establish schools and roads in the villages of the Sundarbans. Day after day, night after night people have walked door to door to establish schools in different villages.

He held talks with Brahmachari Velanath and the then Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. In writing drafts in English, he was proficient, had an outstanding ability to speak English consistently.

At that time (1980s) he was offered a job as a bank manager with a monthly salary of Rs.500.

He was a jury judge in Alipore Judges Court for 14 years. He was the elected representative of Sandeshkhali Union Board for 15 consecutive years from the National Congress. He established Khulna Hospital, which is why he was dedicated to the service of cholera patients at that time, from providing books, notebooks, reading expenses to the needy students to building a library and various social welfare works.

He was also a candidate of the CPI-Congress alliance in the Hingalganj constituency in the 1982 assembly elections. According to local sources and his autobiography, the CPM dropped two ballot boxes into the water and rigged the election, losing by only 1,000 votes.

He has paved the way for many students to establish in life. Among his accomplished students is Anil Ratan Paruya, Deputy Chief Engineer, Railway Electrification, Government of India. This is it

Currently retired and settled in Salt Lake. Professor Nirmal Chandra Mandal of Dhrubchand Haldar College, South Barasat. Laxmikantpur

Bireshwarpur Gourmahen-Sachin Mandal College Professor Mana Ranjan Mandal. Bankim Mandal, Demonstrator, College of Science, Calcutta University, Shashakeshekhar Mandal, Former Headmaster, Kalingar Higher Secondary School.

He was a member of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. Hon’ble Ganesh Chandra Mandal, Minister of Irrigation, Left Front Government. Diamond Harbor Fakir Moon

College Professor Atulananda Roy. Hazarilal Mandal, former headmaster of Bipradaspur High School.

Bhabendra Prasad Ghaesh, Assistant Headmaster, Kartikpur High School, Jyoti Bhattacharya, now a resident of Calcutta (he was an Inspector in the Excise Department of the PB Government),

Pulin Mandal, a bank worker from Sainarpur, Arvind Mandal, a railway department worker, Sunil Sarkar, a laboratory demonstrator at Basirhat College.

At the beginning of his teaching career (1941), Binod Babu continued his efforts to build schools in all the areas where there were no schools outside the primary school work. South Khulna Junior High School was established in 1945. At the same time, a food committee was formed to control the distribution of food. He became the secretary of Sandeshkhali Union.

Bindbabu’s words still resonate in Lake’s mouth, “Education is largely dependent on clan influence and environmental conditions. Neither system is conducive to Scheduled Castes and Indigenous peoples.

“Through adversity, the Scheduled Castes and the Indigenous and underdeveloped communities must be exposed to the light of education, otherwise there is no liberation.”

Arriving in the evening of his life, Binayedbabu thought and told his relatives, “We who are in the village

They all live as farmers. If their overall welfare is not, then whose welfare is? The relationship with irrigation in a scientifically advanced system is the relationship with irrigation

The relationship between electrification and electrification is communication. It requires a lot of money. Who will pay for that? “He was a monk even though he was a family man. He took care of his wife, son, daughter and family.

Ignoring it, he effortlessly spread himself among the people. There have been many obstacles and injuries. The block hospital was built after accepting many sacrifices with great difficulty.

He planned that the distance from Calcutta to Sarberia was about 60 kilometers. If a railway line is laid directly from Calcutta to Sarberia and Basanti, then vast agricultural lands,

He thought that farmers and agriculture would improve. In his last years, he also complained that he could not do anything for the people, nor could he achieve that political power. Schedules and tribals remained in that darkness. ”

Although he did not get any award from the government, he got the respect and help and love of the people. In every village of the Sundarbans, the educated Binadbihari singer is a well-known name. His eldest son Shyamal Gain is the headmaster of a local school, he has recently retired from that Bholakhali Adivasi Shikshaniketan.

Sixth son Mahitesh Gain is a renowned professor of history, poet and journalist at City College, Calcutta. The youngest daughter Sumitra is the headmistress of a school in Basirhat. Maj Kanya Suchitra is present at home, Barakanya Gauri is also the wife of Fanindra Nath Haldar, former headmaster of Mollakhali BTC Vidyamandir School. Lost.

The people of West Bengal, including the Sundarbans, will never forget this man. Therefore, not only the Sundarbans but also the people of the 24 Parganas are demanding the present government of the state to establish a Sundarbans University or College in the name of this great entertainer Binod Bihari Gain.

At the same time, the people of the state are demanding from the central government that the central government should show him due dignity by giving him the Padma Shri of Mornoor. The people of the Sundarbans are still clinging to that hope forever.

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