Belabo Upazila chairman of various complaints with drug and female scandal

Belabo Upazila chairman of various complaints with drug and female scandal

Narsingdi Correspondent:

Narsingdi’s Belabo Upazila chairman and upazila Awami League President Shamsher Zamer Bhuiyan, including women scandal, drug, vice-chairman’s honor allowance, travel allowance and entertainment allowance In recent times, the video of music and drug addiction is viral in the upazila Awami League office. Zaman Bhuiyan of this situation said that there was no drug not only music.

The investigation process of the Joint Divisional Commissioner of the Investigation Committee on December 3, 2020, Khan Md. Nurul Amin, led by Nurul Amin, led by Vice Chairman, the investigation process of vice-chairmans, travel allowance and entertainment allowance for the investigation process.

In the investigation, talking to Sonali Bank Manager, Complainant, Upazila Parishad Account Protector and Upazila Executive Officer. The vice-chairman has been mentioned in the written complaint, Male Vice Chairman of Belabo upazila. Moniruzzaman Bhuiyan Jahangir and Women Vice Chairman Sharmin Akhta Khaleda lifted their respect for Belabo branch on 3/4 per month.

When asked about the chairman, he avoided this matter. Later, go to the Sonali Bank and know that the chairman has lift our money on December 4. When the matter informed the upazila executive officer, he also requested the chairman to address quickly. But for two months, the matter was not although there was no address. Later, the female vice chairman Sharmin Akhter Khaleda’s paddy was written by the Deputy Commissioner to sign the female vice chairman Sharmin Akhter Padar pad. Besides, the Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Industry, Local Government Ministry, the Secretary of the Ministry, Divisional Commissioner, copied the complaint to the Divisional Commissioner.

Female Vice Chairman Sharmin Akhter Khaleda said, “The chairman has led us money from the bank to the submission of ourselves without telling us. He did not give my honor allowance more than once. So forced to complain to the Deputy Commissioner. After the investigation committee was formed. In this continuation, Additional Divisional Commissioner of the Investigation Committee (Joint Secretary) Khan Md. Nurul Amin investigated and testified us. ” Asked about giving the chairman for the expense of the Mazar, Khaleda said that he is not my relative. Why do I give him money?

Now he is now the plans of the fertility. Aminul Islam told reporters in this regard, Aminul Islam told reporters, “Chairman Sahib has lift the money without knowing Vice-Chairman.

The main partitional commissioner of the investigation committee sir wanted to know about me, which I have presented so. ‘ Meanwhile, Zaman Bhuiyan Riton, the chairman of the upazila chairman, said that the Additional Divisional Commissioner about the allegation, I asked me that Vice-chairmen gave me a check for the cost of an iras. After the political purposes again complained against me again. Now what do I say. ‘

Besides, there are allegations of locals against the Jaman Bhuiyan Riton of the chairman, women scandal, drugs, extortion. He denied them.

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