Be an entrepreneur without rushing for a job: (PM) Poultry farmer Md. Bazlur Rahman is a reflection of such words.

Md. Shahidul Islam Khulna District :.

Be an entrepreneur without rushing for a job: (PM)
Md. Bazlur Rahman, son of Kanchanpur village of Maguraghona union No. 6 of Khulna Dumuria upazila is a reflection of such words.

He told our correspondent that he passed S S C in 1995 and started a small and short scale business on his own initiative without looking for a job.

Later, with training, he set up a small poultry farm as a hobby. Poultry farm business continues to see success. Gradually increase the spread of the farm. In this way, 25 years have passed. Now he has several projects on his farm such as egg production to meet the demand for meat, ready-made chickens and egg-laying chicks by his own egg incubator machine.

This chicken chick is farmed on his own farm. These chicks are again delivered to farmers in different parts of the country. Even the chicken food and he makes it in his own way in a standard way. His farm produces Sonali, Lear and broiler chickens.

At present his farm employs 10/12 workers, he said, adding that many people from outside the area come to me for advice.

I give them the right advice so that they too can be the right entrepreneurs like me.

If any farmer needs or wants to take the chicks, they can also take them from me and I can deliver at a fair price.

But last but not least, the current public life in the country is in the throes of an epidemic. Every man in financial crisis. At the same time, the lockdown is not going well in the country due to the lack of good transportation system, even though the chickens are ready for sale, the prices are not getting good and they are constantly losing money. If the corona situation in the country is normal. And I hope to have a good profit again if the lockdown goes up.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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