Babar Azam wants to continue as captain

Akash Das Sports Correspondent:

Incumbent Pakistan captain Babar Azam wants to continue as captain of the Pakistan national cricket team.

Just as a cricketer can bring victory to the opposing team by batting and bowling, an intelligent captain can always stand as a thorn in the side of the opposing team through his captaincy. However, there are many captains who see it as a pressure to captain the national team. But according to the current captain of Pakistan, Babar Azam, his performance on the cricket field has started since he became the captain. That is why he wants to continue the responsibility of the captain.

“My career performance has improved a lot since I became the captain. So I see it as a challenge. I hope I can continue as a captain and make more progress,” Babar said of his captaincy.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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