Autorickshaw snatched after slaughtering driver in Brakshanbaria; Two people including the main accused were arrested

Mir Dinar Hossain, Special

PBI Brahmanbaria has recovered the snatched autorickshaw and the victim’s mobile phone after arresting two persons including the main accused in the autorickshaw snatching incident by slaughtering the driver in Brakshanbaria.

According to PBI sources, a battery-powered autorickshaw was rented from Raihan’s garage at Vadughar under Brahmanbaria Sadar Police Station at around 3 pm on 30/11/2020. Mae Asif (20), father-in-law Babul Mia. Rashida Begum, Sang – Puniaut (Kha Bari), Thana and District – Brahmanbaria.

Although she returned home every night between 8.00-6.30 pm, her mother Rashida Begum did not return home on time that day and did a lot of searching with garage owner Raihan. The next day, on 01/12/2020, his mother Rashida Begum received an anonymous call from the phone used by her son Asif and found out in person that the railway km under Akhaura Railway Police Station. In the village of Dubla between No. 204 / 8-9, the body of his son Mae Asif was found slaughtered with some injuries on various parts of the body on the railway line.

Akhaura Railway Police prepared an inquest report and arranged for an autopsy. In this regard, case No. 01 of Akhaura Railway Police Station, dated 02/12/2020, Section 302 Penal Code, anonymous 2/3 was filed against the accused.

The investigation of the case was entrusted to PBI, Brahmanbaria on the instructions of PBI Headquarters, Dhaka.

Under the direct supervision of PBI, Brahmanbaria Unit Incharge Superintendent of Police Mr. Mohammad Shakhawat Hassan, the investigating officer Inspector of Police (Retd) Mr. May Mizanur Rahman conducted intensive science based investigation. Suspected fugitive accused in the incident dated 27/06/2021 AD: Sehel Mia (34), father – Murshid Mia, Sang – Kharampur, school side house, Akhaura Municipality, 2nd ward, Thana – Akhaura, District – Brahmanbaria And recovered the SAMSUNG DUos mobile phone used by his custody victim.

Also, according to the information given by the arrested accused Sahel Mia, another fugitive accused Yasin Arafat (42), father – deceased Hira Mia Habildar, Sang – Masjid Para, Thana – Akhaura, District – Brakshanbaria was arrested on 26/08/2021 and on the basis of his confession. He was able to rescue the hijacked autorickshaw from his own garage. During interrogation, the accused Sahel said that in order to snatch the autorickshaw, he along with his other accomplices slaughtered the victim Maye Asif with a sharp knife and fled with the autorickshaw.

The hijacked autorickshaw was later valued at Rs 30,000, sold to Yassin Arafat and taken away with Rs 10,000 in cash.

The arrested accused Sahel Mia and Yassin Arafat disclosed the names of the other accused involved in the incident, including giving confessional statements under Section 164 of the FBI in the wise court.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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