As there is no doctor in Tahirpur, the lock is hanging in the sub health center.

Mosharraf Hossain Liton, Staff Reporter:

The sub-health center of Uttar Sreepur union in Tahirpur upazila of Sunamganj is locked due to shortage of doctors.

As a result, more than half a lakh people on the banks of the remote haor are being deprived of medical services.

Communication with Tahirpur Upazila Sadar is cut off.

This sub-health center in Uttar Sreepur Union is the only medical center for a population of over half a lakh on the banks of the Haor. But the lock is hanging on the health center due to the crisis of doctors. Locals say a doctor has been hired here but he is not at work. As a result, the poor and helpless patients on the banks of the Haor are suffering due to deprivation of medical services.

According to the locals, the health center is closed due to lack of doctors. At the present time, people are coming home every day for treatment of various diseases including fever, cold and cough.

Therefore, they demanded to improve the quality of medical services by appointing doctors very soon.

When contacted, Dr Syed Ahmed Hossain Safi, Officer-in-Charge (THC) of Tahirpur Upazila Health Complex, said that MBBS doctors could not provide services at the sub-health center due to lack of manpower. Dr. Junaid Sarkar, who has been posted at the Sub Health Center, is engaged in Chikingsa service of Kovid-19 at Sunamganj Sadar Hospital under the direction of higher authorities.

He further said that the community medical officer who has been appointed will join the sub health center in half a day. He is unable to attend due to illness.

Asked about this to Tahirpur Upazila Nirbahi Officer Raihan Kabir, he said, “No one informed me about the closure of the sub-health center.” However, medical services will be launched in this sub-health center soon.

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