Ansar and VDP members distributed masks – journalist Zahid.

Md. Shahidul Islam.Khulna District

Masks have been distributed among Ansar and VDP members in Paikgachha in the second phase of a severe lockdown to prevent the second wave of Nobel Coronavirus. Md. Mansur Rahman (Zahid) is the staff reporter of the newspaper.

Journalist Alauddin Raja, Paikgachha correspondent of Dainik Desher Kantha and Amar Ekusha, FM Badiur Zaman, staff reporter of Dainik Kalantar and Ujjal Kumar Das, Paikgachha correspondent of Dainik Projanmer Bhabna were present. Emerging young journalist Mansur Rahman Zahid while distributing the mask said to everyone, I always want to work for the development of the country.

Let us all abide by government restrictions, use masks when we go out of the house in case of emergency, wash our hands frequently with soap, avoid all public gatherings, stay at home without any need. He also called on all to abide by various government regulations.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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