Ambulance anarchy in Habiganj has not stopped even in the epidemic

Send Liton, Sylhet Representative

The coronavirus has reached alarming proportions in the country, demanding double the price of oxygen and oxygen in a severe lockdown. Habiganj is not lagging behind in terms of corona and death.

All in all, the people of Habiganj are spending their time in a kind of chaotic situation. In this time of crisis, he is extending a helping hand to the endangered and helpless people in any way he can. But the opposite picture has been seen in the provision of ambulance services.

Although there are two government ambulances at Sadar Hospital, the relatives are turning to private ambulances as the number of patients increases. And using this opportunity, the drivers and owners of private ambulances have started a lively trade.

Talking to the victims, it was learned that they were demanding Rs 5,000-6,000 in case of crisis in Habiganj to Sylhet where the fare used to be Rs 2,200-2,500.

An ambulance driver, who did not want to be named, said: “We have to buy oxygen at a higher price. If you rent less than this, you don’t have to rent anything to the owner. Despite the claim of the ambulance driver, the relatives of the victim are calling it anarchy.

Most of the patients who come for treatment are sent to Dhaka or Sylhet with a slight excuse. Taking advantage of this opportunity, some unscrupulous ambulance drivers need an ambulance if someone dies in a recent epidemic or goes to Dhaka-Sylhet for better treatment.

At this time, the relatives of the patient were in danger of hiring ambulance drivers. Both sides are seen to be engaged in an argument. This often caused a commotion in front of the emergency department of the Sadar Hospital. Sometimes there are clashes between the drivers about carrying patients. This disrupted the medical activities of the hospital.

According to the conscious community, if these are not stopped, there could be a big clash. Going to the spot, it is seen that 20-25 ambulances have been lined up in front of Habiganj Sadar Modern Hospital. However, there is no rule to keep the ambulance parked in front of the Sadar Hospital. But some drivers have occupied the site of the 25-bed hospital and built an illegal stand. Another driver, who did not want to be named, said, “Don’t risk your life. If you don’t go with the patient and get more money, how can you tell?

Talking to Iliashur Rahman Nayan of Shayestaganj who brought the patient to Habiganj Sadar Hospital, he said that the ambulance drivers have started harassing the common patients by hiring them. I used to go to Sylhet for 2 thousand to two and a half thousand rupees. And now, using the excuse of oxygen, they demanded 5 to 6 thousand rupees from the arm of the patient’s relative Emon said, no corona patient would have died and there is no question; They then claimed that the relatives of the patient with Tk 10,000 have become helpless to these ambulance drivers.

A doctor at the hospital said the hospital was a place of reliance on patients in the area, where emergency patients were brought in most of the time. But patients are suffering in many ways while being brought and taken
Habiganj Sadar Hospital RMO said. Momin Uddin said that the ambulance drivers are running anarchy in the hospital.

They have illegally occupied the site of Sadar Hospital and built an ambulance stand. Earlier, Mr. DC had removed this illegal stand with initiative and it has been re-occupied after some time.

He further said that if the DC and political leaders take initiative, it may be possible to remove the illegal stand. Habiganj Sadar Upazila Chairman and Member of Hospital Management Committee Motachirul Islam said, Have to. If you complain to us about this, action will be taken.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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