Alternative road breaks on Kuliarchar-Dariyakandi road, communication cut off, crossing at Tk 5

Md. Main Uddin, Staff Reporter:

The movement of vehicles and people to the upazila has come to a standstill due to the collapse of the alternative road adjacent to the steel bridge on the Kuliarchar-Dandiakandi link road in Kuliarchar upazila of Kishoreganj.

And taking advantage of this opportunity, the locals are crossing the area with 3 pieces of bamboo at 5 rupees per person.

It is to be mentioned that the sterile bridge built on the ‘Ganakkhali’ canal at Dariyakandi Purbapara on the Dandiyakandi-Kuliarchar link road is old and a contractor started work about 3/4 months ago to demolish the bridge and build a new one.

The company built an alternative road with soil on the south side of the bridge as an alternative for vehicular crossings. However, due to heavy rains last night and Friday morning, the rain water flowed rapidly from Ganakkhali canal to Kali river, breaking the alternative road and stopping traffic and people crossing.

On Friday (June 11) at around 4 pm, Surajmin went near the steel bridge on the Dandiyakandi-Kuliarchar road and saw that the alternative road adjacent to the bridge was collapsing and water was flowing at high speed. As a result, all types of traffic were stopped. People in the vicinity and far away who are not getting the news of breaking the alternative road have to cross the bamboo bridge by paying 5 rupees per person. The victims demanded immediate redressal.

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Author: The Crime 24

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