Allegations of occupation of school and madrasa land against BNP leader in Kathalia

Jhalokati District Representative:

Jhangkathi Kanthalia Upazila Chingrakhali Government Primary School and its adjoining senior madrasa playground, pond and Noorani branch have been found to have occupied the classroom and office.

Local influential BNP leader Abdul Jalil Minji has occupied these places and planted trees and built poultry and cattle farms. If anyone protests against this, he is being harassed with a case. This is disrupting the educational and administrative activities of those educational institutions.

The principal of Chingrakhali Senior Madrasa Mohammad made the allegation at a press conference held at Jhalokati Press Club auditorium at 11 am on Monday. Ruhul Amin Hawladar.

It was mentioned in a written statement at the press conference that Chingrakhali Government Primary School and Senior Madrasa and Minaji Darbar Sharif were established in 1943. Later a Noorani Madrasa, Orphanage, Hafizia Madrasa and Lillah Boarding were established there. At present there are seven hundred and fifty students in these institutions.

Abdul Jalil Minji, an influential local BNP leader, took over the playground and land adjacent to the school’s Shaheed Minar a year ago and set up a cattle, goat and poultry farm. He has recently occupied two classrooms of the Noorani branch with tin fences and office rooms with locks.

A memorandum has been issued to the Prime Minister through the Deputy Commissioner in this regard.

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Author: The Crime 24

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