Allegations of irregularities in the modernization of Chhatak Diamond Cement Company.

Mosharraf Hossain Liton Sunamganj District:

There have been allegations of widespread irregularities and corruption in the modernization of the oldest Chhatak Diamond Surma Cement Company Limited.

According to a reliable source, there are allegations that the Chinese contractor C-Hop has resorted to irregularities from the beginning. The filing work started with Bangla filing without modern sustainable hydraulic filing. Once the matter is known, hydraulic filing is arranged after half the work.

Meanwhile, although the filing work was supposed to be done with high quality stones imported from Dubai, crushing limestone from Bholaganj and Jaflong is being used in the filing. This has raised concerns about the quality of work inside the factory. Engineer Abdul Bari, MD and project director of the company, denied the allegations, saying that crushing limestone was being used in road works, not in filing.

There are allegations in the work of the project, the filing work went on at night without the eyes of the engineers of BCIC engaged in supervision. According to experienced experts, modernization activities will be at great risk if the filing work is weak.

It may be mentioned that China C-Hop, the main contractor for the modernization work of Chhatak Diamond Surma Cement Company, the only old state-owned cement manufacturer under BCIC, at a cost of thousands of crores of rupees. C-Hop again hired another Chinese company, Tinjin Electric Power Co., Ltd. (TEPC), as a subcontractor. TEPC is again operating under the second subcontract of the same group (Sisters Concern) China Hyman and Ohan Company.

Besides, there is tension and anger among the workers against the Chinese for not paying regular salaries and allowances to the Bengali temporary construction workers. Recently, a Chinese supervisor was beaten and injured by agitated workers. The police came and took control of the situation. Meanwhile, it has been reported that all the misdeeds are going on here through Mr. Jin, the project manager of TEPC. He is accused of corruption and irregularities in various projects in Bangladesh. Aware quarters of Chhatak feel that the government and BCIC authorities should intervene in the modernization activities of Chhatak Diamond Surma Cement Company.

Meanwhile, the casting work of the water treatment plant has been washed away by the rain water of the last few days. There are also allegations of continuing to work in pairs. Work on the water treatment plant on the newly filled soil is underway in rain and mud water. As a result, this work is not sustainable and standardized.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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