Allegations of irregularities in the excavation of Amdanga canal in Abhaynagar.

Aminur Rahman (Jessore):

Allegations of irregularities have been found in the excavation of Amdanga canal at Abhaynagar in Jessore. Excavation work is not being done as per the tender. Sub-contractors are working besides the main contractor. The people of Bhabdaha area are complaining about non-acquisition of land and irregularities in work.

According to the Water Development Board, the Bangladesh Water Development Board has taken initiative to dig Amdanga canal in Abhaynagar upazila of Jessore to alleviate waterlogging in Bhabdaha area. The excavation work will continue for two kilometers from the switch gate of Jessore-Khulna highway.

Accordingly, tenders were called for digging the canal. A contractor named Rupali Construction of Barisal got the job at a cost of Tk 40 lakh. According to the tender, the bottom of the canal should be three meters wide and one meter deep. However, even if it is not one meter deep somewhere, it must be three meters wide.

On the spot, on Sunday (May 9) morning, visiting the excavation area, it was seen that the locals had dug a canal in the voluntary ashram and a long dam was standing there. The longboom driver is breaking the slope on the east side of Ujjwal canal and removing mud from the bottom of the canal and applying it. Sometimes a few buckets of soil are cut and thrown into the canal. No representative of the Water Development Board was found at the time.

Talking to Longboom driver Ujjwal, he said, “I am working as per the instructions of the contractor. Talk to the contractor if you want to know anything. ‘

According to the agitated locals, the Water Development Board and the contractor have started irregularities in the excavation of Amdanga canal. If we dig in this way, we will drown at the beginning of the rainy season. Land must be acquired in a short time. Excavation work has to be done by draining the water of the canal. If the irregularities in the excavation work are not stopped, a strict movement will be formed.

Talking to Mohammad Babu, the supervisor of the contracting work, he said that Rupali Construction of Barisal got the excavation work of two kilometers of Amdanga Khalel. The work was bought by Barshanhat Enterprise. I am working as a representative of Barshan Enterprise. In response to a question, he said, “We have started excavation work from last Thursday, May 8. About four hundred meters of work has already been completed. Water Development Board officials visit from time to time.

Asked if work was not being done as per the tender, he said, “If there was no water in the canal, work could have been done regularly.” There is a problem to work because there is water. ‘

Alhaj Enamul Haque Babul, convener of the Bhabdaha Waterlogging Eradication Movement Committee and president of the Upazila Awami League, said excavations had already been carried out at a cost of Tk 450,000 with the help of locals. The Water Development Board has started excavation work in the canal at a cost of Tk 40 lakh without acquiring land.

Some dishonest officials of the Water Development Board have become desperate to squander the government’s money. Many problems will be solved if 21 vent switch gates of Amdanga and Bhavdag are repaired at a cost of Tk 3 lakh.

Jessore Water Development Board Executive Engineer. Tauhidul Islam said, ‘He is reluctant to admit that there are irregularities in canal excavation. First the longboom and then the floating excavator will be used. ‘

Asked if the excavation work was being done without acquiring the land, he said, “The dam will actually stop the work.”

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