Allegations of irregularities, corruption and embezzlement against the headmaster of Brahmanikunda High School in Pirgachha of Rangpur

Sheikh Titumir, PID Reporter

The headmaster of Brahmanikunda High School in Pirgachha upazila of Rangpur district has been accused of irregularities, arbitrariness, embezzlement and various other criminal activities.

The name of the panic among the assistant teachers and staff of this school is the headmaster Md. Rafiqul Islam. The headmaster does not do what he cannot do. Starting from the Upazila Nirbahi Officer to the Secondary Education Officer and the District Education Officer, he does not care. He even pointed a finger at the direction of the High Court. Copy of writ order in Hon’ble High Court for revision of date of birth in MPO seat by the employee. Whose Writ Petition No. 2233/2019. Consumers have lodged a written complaint in this regard with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Public Security Department, Administration-1, Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka on 08/08/2021.

Since 2005, he has been running the school by forming a regular managing committee in the school with his brother-in-law Md. Shahjahan Mia as the president for 15 years and a member of his supporters. As a result, he has become so reckless that he has been torturing the teaching staff mentally and financially. School employee Md. Aminul Islam (Binder) Index No. 101705, has been appointed as per the rules and has been working as MPO registered employee since 01/05/2004.

But mysteriously, after 10 years of being an MPO, the MPO of January 2014, instead of the date of his birth as 15/10/198, was changed to 15/10/1972.

On the other hand, another employee Md. Amjad Ali (Night Watchman) has been employed in Index No. 101708, as per the rules and has been working as an MPO since 01/05/2004. In the MPO of January 2016, 13 years after joining, his date of birth also mysteriously changed from 06/05/1989 to 21/03/1972. When the MPO applied to the headmaster for revision of date of birth in the seat, he demanded Rs 3 lakh from each employee. In this context, Amjad Ali and Aminul Islam filed a complaint in different departments and suspended the salary allowance of the headmaster, Amjad Ali from June 18. Amjad Ali, his wife, children and old woman have been living a miserable life with their sick mother without receiving salary for three years. In the MPO sheet of the two employees of the school, the headmaster has skillfully reduced the date of birth and sent them to retirement and is trying to take a large bribe to appoint two new employees to the post. There are also large bribery allegations against him.

Four assistant teachers of the school Md. Faruk Hassan, Mao: Md. Mashiur Rahman, Md. Shafiqul Islam and Md. Rekeya Begum completed 10 years from receiving BEd scale in 2016. According to the rules, they are eligible to receive higher scale from 2018 onwards after completing 10 years. Which increases by Rs 6,000 per month. But despite repeated requests, the headmaster is not taking the necessary steps on a higher scale.

The headmaster demanded Rs. 150,000 for each teacher to take necessary measures of higher scale. The school president and headmaster informed that he will take necessary steps to get higher scale only if he pays the demanded money.

Meanwhile, on 12/06/2020, he received Tk 20,000 from Md. Farooq Hossain and demanded another Tk 120,000.

It is to be noted that the head teacher from Faruk Hossain, the assistant teacher, illegally increased the government salary allowance from Tk 16,500 to Tk 11,000 in the month of April-18. Which is complained to the District Education Officer. The headmaster has been intimidating the teaching staff with various excuses.

Even every teacher has to pay a bribe to sign the monthly bill. If a teacher does not want to pay, he is threatening to stop paying his bill. The teachers of Pirgachha police station are outraged by his conduct. Despite many allegations against the headmaster being proved to the education officer, the headmaster feared a lawsuit against the education officer. The education officer has refrained from taking necessary action against the headmaster to avoid unwanted cases. As a result, he is torturing the headmaster, assistant teacher and staff so much day by day that he considers himself above the law. Whenever there is a problem in the employment of assistant teachers and staff, teachers and staff are in that anxiety. Now the only question for the teaching staff is will they not see the face of truth? Or the mental and financial torture of the head teacher has to be endured face to face.

Complaint in this regard along with Md. Faruk Hossain District Education Officer, Deputy Commissioner, Upazila Nirbahi Officer on 26/05/2018. By Md. Amjad Hossain and Md. Aminul Islam on 26/07/2018 along with the Deputy Commissioner, by all the teaching staff and conscious guardians, on 10/10/2017 along with the Upazila Nirbahi Officer, all the teachers / staff and conscious guardians On 10/10/2018 along with the District Education Officer and the Deputy Commissioner, the Upazila Nirbahi Officer after investigation on 26/02/2019 recommended the revision of the MPO of the employees. A writ was ordered in the Hon’ble High Court by the employees to amend the date of birth in the MPO seat.

When PID journalists from the Dhaka Secretariat asked the headmaster about the matter on his mobile phone, he cut off the call saying the allegations were baseless, and when more senior journalists called him, they identified him and blacklisted him.

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