A road in Boda municipality will soon be washed away by the river

NA Rabiul Hasan Liton, Panchagarh District

The road leading to the historic Eidgaon of Satkhama through the Boda bus stand of Ward 7 in Boda Municipality of Panchagarh is about to disappear into the Pathraj riverbed. The existence of the road will not be found if the erosion is not prevented by crossing the Pathraj river.

The local administration is silent to prevent the breakdown of the important road. The road has become almost unusable. No motor vehicle or even van rickshaw can move without walking. If not repaired, the road may be flooded in the coming monsoon season.

Talking to a few locals, it is said that this road will not exist if the soil is not removed from the side of the road. The matter has been reported to the municipal administration through the local councilor of the municipality.

They are assuring but it is uncertain when it will work. Selina Akhter, a local women’s councilor, said the work of installing CC blocks in the river was done by the Water Development Board. The work of installing CC block will start as soon as the Water Development Board gets the allocation.

After that the municipality will repair the road.

Going to the ground, it can be seen that they have only tried to prevent the breakage by placing sandbags on the bus in the Daisara way.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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