A record number of 18 people died in Jessore

Aminur Rahman, Jessore

In the last 24 hours in Jessore, 18 people have died in the hospital with corona and corona symptoms. Of them, 7 died in Corona and 10 died with symptoms. On Sunday (July 4), the resident medical officer of the 250-bed hospital in Jessore, Dr Arif Ahmed, confirmed the information.

Arif Ahmed said that out of 242 sample tests, 65 people were infected. There are 121 people admitted in Corona ward and 95 people are admitted with symptoms.

Meanwhile, due to the increase in corona patients in the district, a meeting of the Corona Prevention Committee yesterday afternoon decided to use 30 beds at Jessore’s Janata Hospital, 20 at Ibnesina Hospital, 15 at Nova Medical Center, 15 at Genesis Hospital and 20 at Modern and Queens Hospital.

The administration is in a tough position even on the 4th day of the severe lockdown in Jessore. Police have detained rickshaw pullers and pedestrians for setting up check posts at 60 entrances in the district.
Besides, the mobile court is filing 8 cases and fining Tk 6,600 for keeping shops open in Jessore city and different upazilas and not using masks.
Executive Magistrate Nadir Hossain Shamim said that all those who are leaving without any need are being fined and punished under various sections of the law. Basically, fines and punishments are being given to make people aware and to normalize the situation in Corona. But even after all this, the number of victims and deaths in Jessore is not decreasing

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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