A press conference was held in Abhaynagar against the police for torturing a mother and sister without getting a son

Aminur Rahman (Staff Reporter) Jessore:

In Abhaynagar upazila of Jessore, it has been alleged that the mother and sister were taken to the police station and tortured as they could not find their son at home. It has been alleged that SI Shah Alam and SI Joynal Abedin of Abhaynagar police station took the helpless mother and sister to the police station and used obscene language.

It is also alleged that SI Shah Alam kicked the 60-year-old woman in the chest without finding her son. Syeda Amena Mim, the daughter-in-law of the old woman, raised all these allegations in a written statement at a press conference held at Nawapara Press Club. The family members have complained that the family is currently living in police terror. Abhaynagar Police Station SI Shah Alam also visited the house late at night two days ago with various threats.

The victim claimed that the family was being tortured by referring to a love affair, abduction and abuse of women. In a written statement, Mim said that he has lost his father since childhood. Last 6 months ago, the mother lost her brain due to deformity. His family with a younger brother. According to Mama’s house, Mim owns a lot of money. Mim’s uncle Mosharraf Hossain Masud, son of the late Abdul Quader Mollah of Baliadanga village in Abhaynagar upazila, had a greedy eye on this property. For this reason, Musharraf was trying to force Mim to marry someone related to his blood.

But Mim, the daughter of late Ezaharul Islam of Pirmahal area of ​​Jessore, fell in love with Zakaria Sheikh, son of Md. Fazlu Sheikh of Dhopadi village of Abhaynagar upazila. At one stage of their love affair, they got married on May 6 at the office of the wise notary public in Jessore and they were happily renting a house in Terkhada, Khulna, without informing either family.

But Mim’s uncle Mosharraf Hossain Masud filed a case under the Abduction and Violence Against Women and Children Act, citing the incident as a kidnapping. Whose case No. 24. Tang – 18-06-2021. It is alleged in the written statement that SI Shah Alam, the investigating officer of the case, along with his trusted SI Zainul Abedin, became desperate to find the accused from the plaintiff Mosharraf Hossain and went to the accused’s house on June 15.

On the other hand, SI Shah Alam brought the mother, father and sister of the accused to the police station. After keeping him in the police station for one day, the police released the accused’s father. The mother and sister were beaten and their mobile phones and other belongings were confiscated and the boy was released within two days.

On June 25, police arrested Mim and Zakaria from a rented house in Terkhada and handed them over to the court. Mim testified in court that he was not abducted. After the incident, Mim was forcibly taken from the court by her uncle to their house and remarried. Mim Mama escaped from home two days ago and held a press conference at Nawapara Press Club. Mim’s mother-in-law Jaytun Nesha and her teenager Nanda were present at the time. They have sought the direct intervention of the Superintendent of Police of Jessore to take appropriate action against such abusive police officers after proper investigation of the incident.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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