A case of attempted child rape in Narail

Ujjwal Roy (Narail District) Representative:

A case has been registered against Nara Mollah, 45, for attempting to rape a 5th class child (11) at Naragati Police Station in Narail under the Women and Child Abuse Prevention Act. Case number 08.

The incident has caused extreme anger in the area and locals have demanded a tough trial. The accused is a fugitive. The child is a student of Mulkhana Government Primary School.

The incident took place at 8 am on August 8 (Sunday). Nur Mollah is the son of the late Lal Mia Mollah of Baisona village.

According to police and victim sources, the market was held very early in the morning at Baisona Bridge Ghat in the upazila.

The child came to the market from the neighboring village of Tebaria to sell palms. And the lustful Nur Mollar caught his eye. Talking about buying palms, he called the child and took him to his house next to the market.

At that time, when Nur’s wife and children were not at home, he forcibly took the child into the house and tried to achieve a nefarious purpose, but the child came out crying and informed the people in the market. Coincidentally, the chairman of Baisona Union Parishad Md. Furkan Mollah was also in the market.

After hearing all the incidents, he sent the victims to the police station to seek legal recourse. By then the lustful Nur Mollah had fled. Police visited the spot and tried to arrest Nur Mollah but failed.

Acknowledging the truth of the incident, Abul Kashem, village police of the union, said, “I have a shop in Brijghat Bazar.” Hearing the screams, I came to the spot and took them to the police station knowing the details.

According to several traders in the market, Nur Mollah is a person of disgusting nature and ugliness. A few months ago, he killed a 10-month-old cow named Abu Hara of Nalamara village by hitting her inside the genitals with a stick. He was fined Rs 75,000 in the local court.

The father of the child said, we are poor people, dignity is our only resource. I want justice for the loss of my daughter’s modesty and attempted rape.

Accused Nur Mollah could not be reached for comment. When his family was asked for the accused’s mobile number, they refused to give it on various pretexts.

Naragati Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Roxana Khatun said the child’s father had filed a case against one of the accused. The accused who tried to rape is absconding. Police are continuing to arrest him.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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