A cargo ship carrying 700 tons of coal sank at Nawapara in Abhaynagar

A cargo ship carrying 700 tons of coal sank at Nawapara in Abhaynagar

Aminur Rahman, (Abhaynagar) Jessore:

A cargo ship named ‘MB Prabha Enterprise-2’ carrying 600 tons of coal sank in Bhairab river at Abhaynagar in Jessore. The accident took place at Sahara Group’s own ghat in Rajghat area of ​​the upazila on Saturday. Although there were no casualties, the importer Sahara Group has claimed a loss of around crores of rupees.

It is learned that the coal of Sahara Group imported from Australia was loaded on the ship ‘MB Prabha Enterprise-2’ from Harbaria in Mongla port last Tuesday. With 75 tons of coal, the Nawapara river of Abhaynagar set sail for the port that day. Last Wednesday night, the coal-laden ship anchored at the Sahara Group’s own wharf in the Rajghat area of ​​Nawapara.

The unloading of coal from the ship started at around 8 am last Saturday. About an hour later, water began to seep into the hedge through the bottom of the ship. Within an hour and a half, the ship sank in the Bhairab River.

Lashkar-e-Mahfuz Rahman of MB Prabha Enterprise-2 said water started entering the hedge while unloading coal from Saturday morning. The ship sank with about 800 tons of coal in just an hour and a half due to a hazard error. At this time all the staff on board the ship reached the dock safely.

Redwan, Sahara Group’s Nawapara office manager, said the sinking ship contained 75 tonnes of coal. It was possible to recover 50 to 60 tons of coal until it sank. No casualties were reported. However, about crores of rupees have been lost.

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