A book peddler is Dr. Moazzem Hossain

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This peddler is working to build an enlightened, humane and prosperous Bangladesh with the spirit of liberation war and to spread the light of knowledge among the people of the society.

He publishes books with his own money and buys and distributes thousands of books. He has given books to more than three hundred educational institutions.
He is giving books every day.

A book peddler I found in Brahmandi in Narsingdi Sadar Upazila; Who has spent most of his life doing this. His name was Dr. Md. Moazzem Hossain. He has been collecting and distributing books among the people since 1985. He wants to give his favorite book to all readers of all ages.

He is encouraging boys and girls addicted to mobile phones to read books.

He encouraged the building of new libraries and also provided books there. Many are building libraries under his inspiration.
He has formed a movement to read books.
He always has books in his hand. When he gets a chance, he gives books to people to read.

In order to develop the habit of reading books in Narsingdi, the founder of Narsingdi Presidency College, Dr. delivered books to people from different walks of life in villages and cities. Md. Moazzem Hossain. He also distributes books by various authors he has bought to motivate students to read books outside the textbooks. As part of the book reading movement, this educator is taking various programs to motivate people to read books. He established Narsingdi Public Library in 2000. Readers are getting enriched by reading more than 5,000 books preserved in it.

Local readers, teachers-students, academics and book organizers said. Talking to Moazzem Hossain, it is known that Dr. has joined the book reading movement to increase the readership of books and highlight the importance of reading books. Md. Moazzem Hossain. For this reason, besides the library, he travels from village to village and delivers books to the doorsteps of everyone, big or small. Moazzem Hossain has started a movement to read books by buying books with his own money and delivering them to the homes of the readers. He walks the streets of the city with books. Starting from the head of various institutions in Narsingdi city, he brought the book himself to different people and after a week he returned it and gave another book. In this way he continues to spread the light of knowledge from town to village. He also built 5/6 saloon libraries in Narsingdi town. Dr. Md. Moazzem Hossain also organized a human chain in Narsingdi with people from different walks of life to read books. Moreover, he wrote letters to 100 organizations – not to mention libraries, at least to keep bookshelves. He has gifted his own written books to numerous students.

Dr. Moazzem Hossain said he set up the Narsingdi Public Library in 2000 with a small number of books at 102 West Brahmandi in Narsingdi town, known as the area of ‚Äč‚Äčeducational institutions. At present the library has more than five thousand books. The library is open six days a week except Fridays. In 2020, the library received registration from the Department of Public Libraries. His library contains various rare books, ancient manuscripts, ancient history of Narsingdi, history of Dhaka, history of Bikrampur, history of Bangladesh, politics, works of famous poets and writers, motivational, poems, essays, novels, autobiographies, memoirs, honors, memoirs, English literature, Bengali literature. , Bengali-English Dictionary, Bengali English Grammar, Liberation War, Language Movement, Rare Magazine, History, Tradition, Translation, Religious. Many people think that there is no alternative to this library if anyone wants to know or do research on Narsingdi. Readers of different classes especially local students, teachers, poets and writers come to Narsingdi Public Library to read books.

He added that books stir people’s consciousness. It changes the world of human thought. All selected books in Narsingdi Public Library. Besides, there are books of about 200 authors of Narsingdi in this library. The library also has internet facilities. Someone can use the internet to know the necessary information. Besides reading books in the library, you can also read books at home. The library hosts various programs including discussions on various topics, public awareness programs, birth and death anniversaries of eminent personalities, round table meetings.

College student Afsana Akhter, a regular reader of Narsingdi Public Library, said, “I was not in the habit of reading outside the textbooks. According to Moazzem Sir, I have come to the public library to read books.” He is a peddler of knowledge. He always spoke of knowledge and reading books, taking books to people’s doors.

Prominent writer and journalist Apel Mahmud said, “Even though many people think that it is their job to chase away the buffaloes from the forest, I do not see such a great work in the world.”

Dr. Ajmal Morshed said, Dr. Narsingdi and enlightened people in Bangladesh. Moazzem Hossain and Narsingdi Public Library are playing an important role.

Narsingdi Independent College principal poet and writer. Mashiur Rahman Mridha said, ‘There are only two ways to acquire knowledge, one is by reading books and the other is by looking at life i.e. traveling. People are moving away from reading books. Despite the limitations at the moment. The movement to read Moazzem Hossain’s book undoubtedly deserves praise.

Archaeologist and author Habibullah Pathan said, ‘Dr. Moazzem Hossain has built a huge library called Narsingdi Public Library in the heart of the city. The library I have visited more than once has seen a collection of many books. He just stopped at the library

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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