A bank employee was hacked and injured due to previous enmity in Kuliarchar

Md. Main Uddin, Kishoregonj:

Opponents have stabbed and injured a bank employee at his home in Kishoreganj’s Kuliarchar due to previous animosity.

The incident took place at around 11:30 am on Thursday (May 26) at the house of the deceased Chetu Bhuiyan in Faridpur village of Faridpur union of the upazila.

The injured bank employee’s name is Md. Abdul Jabbar Dipu (21). He is the youngest son of Md. Abdul Latif Bhuiyan of Bhuiyan family.

Abdul Jabbar Dipu is now fighting to the death at Bhagalpur Zahirul Islam Medical College Hospital in Bajitpur.

Abdul Jabbar Dipur Baba, who was injured in the incident, has lodged a written complaint with Kuliarchar Police Station mentioning the names of 4/5 people.

According to the family of the injured and local sources, Abdul Jabbar Dipur’s father Abdul Latif Bhuiyan and retired teacher Md. Main Uddin Bhuiyan had a long-running dispute over land. Retired teacher Md. Main Uddin Bhuiyan (60) and his younger son Md. Tanvir Bhuiyan (21), son of Md. Rukan Bhuiyan’s son Md. Salman Bhuiyan were sitting on the bank of a pond near his house at around 11:30 am on Thursday. 22) Another teacher Md. Motahar Uddin Bhuiyan’s eldest son Md. Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan (35) and Md. Kanchan Bhuiyan’s eldest son Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan Da Ballam came and carried out a surprise attack on Abdul Jabbar Dipur and Abdul Jabbar Dipu was seriously injured. After hearing her screams, the locals came forward and rescued Abdul Jabbar Dipu in an injured condition and first took her to Belabo Upazila Health Complex in the adjoining Narsingdi district where the on-duty doctor sent her to Bhagalpur Zahirul Islam Medical College Hospital in Bajitpur for better treatment. Dipu is currently undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Former teacher Mohammad Main Uddin denied the allegations against him and said, “I have been having a dispute with Dipu for two years over my land.” On the day and time of the incident, Abdul Jabbar Dipu was able to catch the palm of my palm from a palm tree without informing me. When my son Tanvir tried to stop him, Dipu and a few others started beating my son. My son somehow escaped from their hands and ran home and took the spear from the house again. In fact, Salman snatched the spear from his hand later. Later, Dipur’s hand may have been cut off while pulling the da from Salman’s hand. Dipu was not stabbed or injured by anyone.

Abdul Jabbar Dipur’s elder brother Apu Bhuiyan told this correspondent in a messenger message that the accused had planned to stab my younger brother Dipu with the intention of killing him. Among those who have been stabbed are drug addicts. There are enough doubts as to whether my brother has a hand. I demand justice for the attackers on my brother.

Regarding the allegation, SI Kazi Rakib of the 9th bit officer in charge of Faridpur Union said, “I am aware of the matter.” Legal action will be taken after investigating the allegations.

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