7 shops burnt to ashes due to electrical short-circuit in Belabo, loss of around crores of rupees

7 shops burnt to ashes due to electrical short-circuit in Belabo, loss of around crores of rupees

Belabo, (Narsingdi) Representative:

A fire broke out in an electrical short circuit at Belabo in Narsingdi and completely burnt down 7 shops including 4 ACs of Pubali Bank and Belabo branch. The shopkeepers are claiming that about seven crores of rupees have been lost due to this. The fire broke out at 10:45 am on the opposite side of Grand Nawab Restaurant in Upazila Sadar Belabo Bazar and 8 other shops in the vicinity including Biplob Electronics shop near Pubali Bank, Belabo Bazar branch. The short-circuit is believed to have originated from an electric motor in Maqbool Mia’s coating shop next to Biplob Electronics.

Upon receiving the immediate news, two fire brigade units of Belabo and Raipura Fire Service reached the spot and managed to bring the fire under control with the help of local people at 11:20 am. But before the fire was brought under control, the shops were burnt to ashes. Among the shops including Pubali Bank’s AC were Biplob Electronics and Mobile, 1 computer, 1 pharmacy, 2 quilts, 1 saloon and 1 tea shop.

The team leader of Belab Fire Service said, “After receiving the news from the local people, I was able to bring the fire under control at 11.20 am after trying for about 40 minutes with the help of Raipura Fire Service and local people.”

Biplob Electronics suffered the most damage among the shops burnt to ashes. The proprietor of Biplob Electronics said his shop was almost completely reduced to ashes. The loss of electronics products, mobiles, bKash and cash of Tk 6 lakh was around Tk 56 lakh.

Among other shops, Ripon Mia’s pharmacy lost about Tk 6 lakh, Kabir Hossain’s computer shop lost about Tk 7.5 lakh, Angur Mia and Maqbool Hossain’s two upholstery shops, Sajal Mia’s a saloon and Jalal Mia’s tea shop lost about crores of rupees.

The shopkeepers claim that it is not possible to compensate them without government support. Therefore, they called for the maximum cooperation of the local leaders and workers to get the help of the Hon’ble Prime Minister.

Narsingdi district council member and district Awami League science and technology affairs secretary Adv. Md Shahidullah and members of district council and joint general secretary of Belabo Upazila Awami League Miraj Mahmud Meraj, general secretary of Upazila Awami League Nazrul Islam and other party leaders and workers pledged their best cooperation to get government assistance to the victims.

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