7-day strict lockdown started due to the incidence of pestilence tax in Khulna district.

Khulna Correspondent:

In order to do the inconvenience in Khulna district, Dumuria Police Station Officer-in-Charge Mohammad Obaidur Rahman’s order in the order of the Dumuria Police Station.

Obaidur Rahman, under the order of Magura Lit Police, Khulna Border Simant District Detected Positive All the vehicles from Satkhira district.

And as well as all types of travel in the global mile market were issued. Without emergency services, the store is instructed not to open jute.

Between sanctions, the movement of the market was issued without urgent need of people. Magura Lit was present at the time of Magura Bit Police’s SIRM Habibullah, ASI Sohel Rana, ASI Masud Run, Constraba Masum Billah, Ali Ahmed, Abu Sa’d, Sabbir Hossain.

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Author: The Crime 24

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