60-70 families are imprisoned in the mud fields

Khulna Representative: Shahidul Islam.

People are suffering to keep the mud of the drainage canal in Chuknagar of Atalia Union No. 5 in Chuknagar of Khumna Dumuria on the road. As a result, 60-70 families have fallen into captivity. The residents of the area demanded immediate removal of the muddy soil of the canal dug above Golam Road.

Going to the ground, it is seen that since last Sunday (August 1, 2, 3, 21), the people of the area voluntarily took the initiative to dig canals to drain the waterlogged water of Narnia Sholakur and Hatipota Dangi beels.

And UP expressed solidarity with them and cooperated in digging the canal. People of 60-70 families on Golam Road have suffered due to placing rotten soil of canal excavation on the road.

10 days ago, the rotten mud of the canal was cut and placed on Golam Road. Along Golam Road, there are thousands of people, including students of Maliha Public School and Model Women’s College.
Currently, people in the area are facing a lot of problems due to the muddy soil on the roads. Their demand is to remove the rotten mud of the road quickly and make it smooth.

Enamul Haque, Bearsing Land Office Officer of Atalia Union No. 5, visited the spot to see the truth of the incident. Some influential people have taken over the drainage canal. It can be seen that Bhog has occupied a multi-storied building with a pucca house by occupying the drainage canal.
That is why it has become necessary to demarcate the only drainage canal in the area. The local aggrieved people raise money for drainage.

In this regard, local chairman Pratap Kumar Roy said, “I sent a van because they could not get in the van because the soil was soft.” However, I will make arrangements to remove the road soil in 4/5 days.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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