52,000 people deprived of health care due to medical crisis

Murad Mia, Sunamganj Correspondent:

Sub-health center of Uttar Sreepur Union under Tahirpur of Sunamganj is in the crisis of the health service.

As a result, about 52,000 people of Upazila North Sreepur Union are being deprived of daily necessary medical services.

It is said that this sub health center is dependent on health services (according to the survey data of 2019, there are about 52,000 people living in this union. This sub health center is the only medical dependent.

According to local sources, patients coming from the banks of the Haor with fever, cough and cold are getting paracetamol and histamine treatment from the rural doctors of Sreepur Bazar every day.

Without getting good quality government medicine, various diseases are taking root in the body

According to the sources of Tahirpur Upazila Hospital, North Sreepur Sub Health Center has 4 posts of manpower, 1 MBBS, 1 community medical officer, 1 pharmacist, 1 MLS, but in reality there is no one. The sub health center is closed due to the absence of Dr.

Turning to the ground, it can be seen that there is no overflowing crowd of patients in front of the sub-health center, doctors, there is a big lock hanging on the door of the hospital.

Sick victim Jane Alam said the Sheikh Hasina government has taken various steps to provide health services to the people. But the people of Haoranchal are still deprived of such treatment. The reason for which we, the neglected people, have not been found even today, or the negligence of those responsible.

Ekram Hossain Akhanji, a victim who was deprived of services from the sub-health center, said that the people of the world are lost in terror due to the outbreak of the epidemic of corona virus. In order to survive, one has to go to the door of Chikinsk every day. But in such a situation the common people are deprived of government treatment as the sub health center is closed.

I would like to draw the attention of the higher authorities to ensure the well-being of the people of Bhati. Do not keep M, B, B, S, Dr. Saheb K Upazila Health Complex of our sub health center. Let us serve the deprived people, follow the instructions of the Prime Minister.

Sreepur (North) sub health center of the upazila has two out of 4 posts

MBBS Dr. Junaid Sarkar was in charge of Kovid-19 at District Sadar Hospital. Elsewhere, community medical officer Joydev Hawladar was transferred one week ago and ordinary people are in trouble.

Haji Khasrul Alam, chairman of Uttar Sreepur Union, said, “I am saddened to hear that the hospital is closed due to lack of doctors. Many people are informing me about this.” I am drawing the attention of the higher authorities to recruit manpower quickly. During the coronal period, people become helpless and have to come every day for treatment of fever, cold, cough and other complications. The people on the banks of the Haor are poor and not everyone can afford to buy medicine. If the hospital had been open, the people on the banks of the Haor would have survived by getting government medicine. Hospital closed at the time of the disaster?

Freedom fighter’s son Shahin Akhanji said, “We rely on Kana Mama rather than Nai Mama. We are the people of Haor.” But in order to save his life, he has to take treatment from the village doctors of Bazar Pharmacy.

Mother of Humanity, I urge Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to appoint an MBBS Doctor in Sreepur (North) Sub Health Center in an emergency. May he always ensure the well-being of the people on the banks of the Haor.

The officer-in-charge (TSC) of Tahirpur Upazila Health Complex, Dr Syed Ahmed Hossain Sami, was contacted, he said. Due to lack of manpower, MBBS doctors are not able to provide services in sub-health centers. Dr. Junaid Sarkar, who has been appointed to the sub-health center, is engaged in Chikingsa service of Kovid-19 at Sunamganj Sadar Hospital under the direction of higher authorities. He is unable to attend due to illness.

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