470 cases in Bagerhat, fine of two and a quarter lakh rupees

Abu-Hanif, Bagerhat Office

The Bagerhat administration is in a tough position to implement the overall lockdown announced by the government. Besides the local administration, police, army and BGB members are working in the field. In the first five days of the overall lockdown, the mobile court has given 470 cases, fined Tk 2,17,635 and imprisoned 11 people in Bagerhat for various reasons. From 1st July to 5th July night, the executive magistrate of Bagerhat district administration and the executive officers of different upazilas carried out the operation and imposed the fines and punishments.

In addition to the police, members of the BGB and the army are cooperating in implementing the lockdown, ensuring health rules and running mobile courts.
Bagerhat Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Azizur Rahman said the district administration has been working to implement the lockdown announced by the government from day one. Miking, distribution of masks and various initiatives have been taken to make the people aware.

Apart from these, mobile courts are also being conducted against those who violate the health rules. In the last five days, 480 cases have been filed. During this time, 489 people were fined Tk 2 lakh 17 thousand 635 and 11 people were imprisoned for different terms. Besides the police, BGB and army members are cooperating with us in these works.

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Author: Md Borhan Mia

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