Boat tragedy: Iryn Namubiru names KIU student who saved her from drowning

SAVIOUR | Singer Iryn Namubiru on Tuesday hosted Brian Masole, a student of Kampala International University who saved her from drowning on Saturday.

The singer was among the first survivors of the boat accident that has claimed the lives of at least 32 confirmed, with more than 50 others presumed dead since they have been missing for four days.

Iryn said Masole made up to three trips on the lake to pull survivors from the water, “until there were no other people alive.”

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Apparently, Masole and other friends were having fun on a boat on the lake when they saw the oll-fated boat on which Iryn and an estimated 119 others were travelling capsizing.

“He heard my distress calls for help as I saw other boats passing us by, saw the light of my phone that I kept waving up and came right to me,” Iryn said.

“He asked me for the phone, bag and then pulled me in [his boat].”

The ill-fated boat belonged to businessman Michael Bisase, aka Templar and his wife Sheila. However, both drowned in the accident.

Iryn recalled that Sheila desperately grabbed and tagged at her hand and life jacket and when Masole was saving her, he helped her pull Sheila.

“I managed to bring her up to the boat but she died right there as part of her life jacket was stuck under the boat and she was too heavy by then,” she recalled.

Earlier reports indicated that Iryn’s saviour had drowned as he attempted to save more revellers in the water. He was named as Bosco Owecho, a fisherman who had apparently saved Prince David Wasajja, Hope Mukasa and others.

But on Monday, Masole dropped in to Iryn’s home where he returned her shoes and phone.

“I thank you Brian, the fishermen, the locals and all those with whom we were trying to save others. It’s unfortunate that one fisherman [Owecho] died so others could live,” she said.

The singer did not reveal in her post whether she had rewarded Masole.

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