Lesotho handed Desabre reprieve and now Cranes target six points in double header

Sebastien Desabre: Uganda needs just six points to qualify for AFCON

FOOTBALL | Frenchman Sebastian Desabre strongly believes that Uganda Cranes will qualify for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations despite the disappointing goalless draw to Tanzania in Kampala on Saturday.

The barren draw was the third of its kind since Desabre took over. In total, the French tactician has been in-charge of eight games where he has drawn three, won one and lost four.

The indictment is already splashed allover with questions about his ability to take Cranes forward. Yet for a team in transition, the results are not that bad, especially the qualifier proper.

Sendo Cleaners

Here is why; Cranes are still top of Group L after a win and a draw. They are the only side to have won a match in the group — never mind that the 1-0 win in Cape Verde was masterminded by Desabre’s predecessor.

The coach though sees bright days ahead, that the team will overcome the challenges and pick six points from the four remaining games to qualify.

“We played a good game in the first 25 minutes but failed to score. It was really disappointing,” Desabre mourned the wastefulness of his team.

“It’s a competition among the four teams but we still hold the advantage because we top the table. We need ten points but we already have four in our bag so we have to fight for more six to qualify.”

As the table stands, the other three teams in the group would all gladly swap their places with Cranes.

Uganda has often promised much but failed to grind the results under pressure in the last group matches. Desabre knows this well and has stressed that they must get the results early enough to avoid the last minute rush that comes with a lot of pressure.

“We have to get to work and start focusing on the next games against Lesotho in October. We have to get good results from them to avoid pressure in the last minutes,” he said.

“We have to win six points from our next two games against Lesotho. It’s very possible but we have to work very hard for that to happen. We also expect our competitors to stray on the way but most importantly is for us to finish our business in time.”

Uganda maintained the lead in Group L with four points after Cape Verde forced a similar result against Lesotho in Maseru. The Cranes will host Lesotho on Wednesday, October 10  before flying
for the second round three days later.

Cranes fixtures

June 11 2017: Cape Verde 0-1 Uganda
September 8 2018: Uganda 0-0 Tanzania
October 10 2018: Uganda vs Lesotho
October 14 2018: Lesotho vs Uganda
November 16 2018 Uganda vs Cape Verde
March 22 2019: Tanzania vs Uganda

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