After media awards, journalist with ‘habitually long fingers’ awards himself Dhakaba’s phone

C24 LIFE | Ismail Dhakaba Kigongo was Tuesday night sent into analogue and spent Wednesday feeling more bored and anxious than a 1930s village housewife waiting for information about the moon festival.

The celebrated Daily Monitor and NTV journalist turned communications officer at National Council for Sports is said to be living in information darkness after a journalist with habitually long fingers  decided to award himself with his [Dhakaba’s] smartphone.

According to sources, Dhakaba and company were out to recognise excellence in sports journalism during the Sports Journalists Choice Awards 2018 at Root256 in Lugogo when he played the nice guy he is in dropping off Football256’s Joel Muyita and John Kusolo, an obscure journalist said to also work with a bank.

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As sports journalists picked their awards one after the other, the fellow with the long fingers sat wondering how he could award himself at least something. It is not yet clear if the journalist grabbed a couple of empty beer bottles from the freebie drinks gifted by Leon Senyange during the evening but what is certain is that he wasn’t going to go home empty handed on an award night of that magnitude.

Dhakaba did not realise he had been sent back in time to 1930s until he reached home and started looking for the phone that he had placed between the driver and co-driver seat. Apparently, he had not balanced the phone; the thief decided to balance it.

“I parked home and spent 20 minutes looking around the car for it as I placed it between driver and co-driver seats. My intuition tells me he [the journalist with notorious itchy fingers] stole my phone,” Dhakaba told fellow journalists in a message sent through his sister to try and find out who could reach the culprit to recover the missing phone.

Several journalists called Dhakaba’s known number but the phone was switched off. At the time of writing this, Dhakaba was still in information darkness.

Where many would seek police intervention to recover lost property, the celebrated journalist has the heart of a charitable Patrick Ho — he would probably have donated the phone as a gift to the culprit if the fellow asked well.

But the NTV Omumuli sports presenter is not the first victim of the journalist with itchy fingers. According to those who have crossed the fellow’s life, he walks, sits and acts like he invented stealing.

“I know for a fact that that guy one time stole from himself in Mbale. He had placed an envelope on a table while out with friends and later nipped it after apparently forgetting that it was his envelope,” a journalist familiar with his antics told C24 Life in confidence.

“It was crazy. You should have seen how he jumped when he thought he had been caught.”

Tales are also told of his ‘exploits’ at Step FM in Mbale where management almost invoked the services of a witch doctor in a desperate bid to catch the Lowest Commonest Multiple in loss of staff properties.

“He was the real Exhibit 1500 in Mbale, forget the joke in Ho’s gifts to Kutesa. This journalist is that guy who could steal letters from the word T.H.E.F.T to render it meaningless,” another journalist who was in Mbale a few years ago, told this news website.

Source say that although the journalist who has turned stealing into a passionate lifestyle has previously spent a couple of nights behind bars for related issues, it is just not enough to teach him a proper lesson.

Now journalists say they are tired of his behaviour have threatened to take matters into their own hands if Dhakaba chooses to only smile back at his loss.

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