Arsenal fan tears into Pep Guardiola failures as a manager

I will summarise by saying this: Guardiola only succeeds in circumstances where it's impossible to fail.

FOOTBALL | He is only known as James and went by the handle, @ClockEndJames. He joined Twitter in November 2018 but in just four months, James left a thread on Twitter that continues to widely shared by soccer fans since his series of tweets on March 24 that shredded into every fibre of celebrated Manchester City manager Joseph ‘Pep’ Guardiola.

James is an Arsenal fan who took his time to tweet about Guardiola as a manager, “exposing” a raft of failings of the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich tactician.

James’ account has since been suspended and it is not clear whether the viral tweets on Guardiola had anything to do with it. But below are his tweets that has left the soccer world marvelling.

Sendo Cleaners

“Firstly, Guardiola is an inheritance merchant. Look at the players he inherited at each club…
Barca: Messi, Henry, Ronaldinho, Iniesta, Xavi, Eto’o, Busquets, Puyol, Toure
Bayern (treble winners): Robben, Ribery, Lahm, Kroos, Schweinsteiger, Muller, Mandzukic”
Man City (CL semi finalists): Silva, Aguero, Sterling, De Bruyne, Kompany, Otamendi Fernandinho . And yet he still manages to spend well over a billion between these clubs.

Conte and Guardiola arrived in the Premier League at the same time. One inherited a 10th placed team and the other had just reached the CL semis. One spent £90 million and the other £213 million. Who implemented their style quicker and won the title in record breaking fashion first? Makes you think.”

“While Conte was revolutionising the Premier League with his back three system which everyone — even [former Arsenal manager] Arsene Wenger — copied, Guardiola went trophy-less losing 4-0 to Everton and getting knocked out the Cup by Wigan. At the end of the day, at Man City, Guardiola has won the League Cup and the Premier League, exactly the same as what Manuel Pellegrini did.

“Guardiola arrived at a treble winning Bayern Munich side and failed to even get beyond the semi finals during his 3 years there (losing 5-0 to Madrid in one of them). Guardiola’s Barca got shown up by Mourinho’s Madrid when they steam rolled La Liga, accumulating over 100 points, and he also lost the CL to Chelsea. He quickly left the club after the wheels began to fall off.

“Guardiola failed to win a single away tie in the Champions League at Barca.Not only has Guardiola never won a Champions League without Messi, but the two he did win were riddled with cheating and foul play (as you’ll see in the next tweet). The man himself admits to being lucky at Barca (exposed by an African, ironically).

“Guardiola was certainly a beneficiary of “Uefalona,” as we all know the scandalous semi final against Chelsea for example, and the Robin van Persie red card. If not for cheating such as this, Guardiola would have zero European titles. Makes you think.

“For a man who spends so much money, Guardiola’s track record of signings is surprisingly poor. At Man City alone, he’s signed expensive flops such as Bravo, Nolito, Mahrez, Mendy, Jesus to name a few. Of course, no one realises this because he is always bailed out by the players he inherited. But imagine if Guardiola had to rely on a team made purely off his own signings…

“Another huge myth about Guardiola is he’s good with youth. The truth is the opposite, he is a destroyer of youth. Just ask Sancho, Foden, Diaz. ‘Enemy of football’ Mourinho gave 4 times as many minutes to Man Utd academy products than Guardiola did at Man City. Not to mention Guardiola’s history of racism towards African players, in particular Samuel Eto’o and Yaya Toure (who he bullied twice). Truly vile and disgusting behaviour which is completely ignored by everyone. Just imagine if it was Mourinho…

“Guardiola can’t handle personalities. First thing he did when he came to England was bin Joe Hart, who at the time was a perfectly good goalkeeper, certainly better than his replacement Claudio Bravo (who Pep paid a record fee for) who he in turn replaced the season after anyway. In fact I would suggest Guardiola is a poor man manager full stop. Why is Bravo the only player to have ever followed Guardiola to a new club? Whereas ‘evil dinosaur’ Mourinho, for example, has had many players join him at his new clubs. Makes you think.

“And just cos I’m an Arsenal fan I’m going to shoehorn in the fact that 19 year old Jack Wilshere played Pep’s Barca off the park. There is corruption and racism following Guardiola at every club he goes to.

Couple that with inheriting world class squads and open chequebooks, he doesn’t actually seem all that impressive.

“Not convinced by anything I’ve said? Watch Guardiola himself as he selects his next club. Do you think he will take up a challenge like Mourinho always does? Or will he be off to a one team league like PSG or Juventus? I will summarise by saying this: Guardiola only succeeds in circumstances where it’s impossible to fail.”

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