Son of US-based Ugandan pastor found dead at cemetery after girlfriend is engaged in Kampala

Able Anthony Ayinza, a former guild presidential aspirant at Kyambogo University, was found dead at a cemetery

BOSTON, USA – A heartbroken son of a US-based Ugandan pastor sought the ‘consolation’ of a cemetery Wednesday night from where he committed suicide, multiple sources have said.

Police in Watertown in the US state of Massachusetts are investigating a possible suicide after a woman who had seen what looked like the body of a man at the cemetery called 911.

The deceased has been identified as Able Anthony Ayinza, son of Pastor Samuel Mutyaba of the New Life International Christian Centre in the same city.

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A member of the church, who preferred anonymity in order to speak freely, said Ayinza has been distraught and heartbroken after his girlfriend got married to another man a few days ago.

The former Kyambogo University guild presidential aspirant (2013-2014) is said to have left Uganda for the US last month, but could not believe when news reached Boston that his lover had been waiting for his departure so she could marry another man.

This news website is yet to identify the woman at the centre of Ayinza’s heartbreak, but photos found in the phone of the deceased show the woman in a bright red gomesi with another man. It is believed the photo was taken during the engagement.

“Ayinza left the girlfriend back in Uganda with the hope that he would make money in the US then return to his woman and live happily ever after,” the source said.

“She betrayed him just months after he left Uganda and this left him reeling. The woman is said to be a US citizen as well and had returned to Uganda recently to visit her family but in fact she had planned to get married to her other lover.”

Ayinza, 25, is from Gayaza in Wakiso District. He graduated with a degree in Accounting from  Kyambogo University in 2016.

Other sources known to the deceased claim that he had been introduced to the family of the woman in question while in Uganda but that he was shocked to receive photos of her engagement to another man.

“Ayinza has been restless ever since the girl left for Uganda and the marriage photos were the final straw in his unraveling life. He just couldn’t comprehend it,” a source said.

A junior pastor himself, the death of Ayinza came as a shock to the community members of New Life International Christian Centre.

Suzette Ssajjabi, an evangelist and co-founder of the church, announced the death to the community on Friday, saying funeral arrangements would be communicated later.

Deep irony

Pastor Mutyaba, a dual citizen, founded New Life International Christian Centre in Medford, Massachuetts, a Ugandan community-based Pentecostal church, in 2004.

Pastor Mutyaba serves as the senior pastor of the growing Ugandan community church that is known for offering assistance to Ugandans in need of immigration and marriage counselling.

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