Cemetery suicide pastor was denied US asylum, told by lover to go ‘hang himself’

Lover Nuru Nabbumba had told Ayinza's aunt to tell him to go hang himself and days later he had an HIV test at

BOSTON, USA | A cocktail of depressing events, including denial of asylum and rejection by the woman he hoped to marry, drove Able Anthony Ayinza to suicide last week.

Crime24 reported at the weekend that Ayinza, an adopted son of US-based Ugandan pastor Samuel Mutyaba, was found dead at a cemetery in Watertown, Massachusetts, on Wednesday evening.

But developing stories Crime24 has accessed shows that Nuru Nabbumba, the woman at the centre of his heartbreak, had told Ayinza’s aunt who had called to intercede for him to “tell him to go hang himself.”

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Police in Watertown also found the deceased with a suicide note that they are using in their investigation of the suspected suicide.

On Monday, Pastor Samuel Mutyaba, of the New Life International Christian Centre, told Daily Monitor newspaper that he could not blame the cause of action that led to Ayinza’s death on anyone.

“Until police furnishes us with full details, we cannot pin anyone. But all I can confirm is that Ayinza is dead and his body is in police hands,” Daily Monitor quoted Pastor Mutyaba as saying.

“I had delegated my fellow pastor to work with [Watertown] police and get details on how things happened but this was declined by authorities. They demanded I must be there in person and I will let you know when all is done,” Pastor Mutyaba, Ayinza’s adopted father who told the newspaper that he was in Uganda on Monday, said.

Ayinza was born in Gayaza in Wakiso District to Rev. Joseph Katabaaro (deceased) and had been adopted by Pastor Samuel and Juliet Mutyaba.

Crime24 reported on Saturday that a woman who had seen what looked like a body of a man at a cemetery had called 911. New Life International Christian Centre evangelis Suzette Sajjabi later announced to the church community that the junior pastor had been found dead.

A member of New Life International Christian Centre told this news website that Ayinza had been distraught and heartbroken after Nuru Nabbumba got married to another man.

The former Kyambogo University guild presidential aspirant (2013-2014) is said to have left Uganda for the US last month, but could not believe when news reached Boston that his lover had been waiting for his departure so she could marry another man.

His auntie (names withheld) was one of the last people he saw the afternoon of the fateful day. It is also understood that he had earlier Wednesday gone to Boston Medical Centre for an HIV test.

‘Tell him to go hang himself’

A source in Boston says Nabbumba, a resident of Waltham Massachusetts, had shut all windows to Ayinza that she told off a relative who had called on his behalf.

After the deceased was sent pictures of Nabbuma’s engagement to Chris Galukande, the manager of singer Angela Kalule and Kangie Band, he confronted Nabbumba about the wedding.

In our earlier report, we indicated that Ayinza had left Nabbumba in Uganda but we have since learnt that she was in the US as well.

It is at her Waltham home that Ayinza showed up demanding explanation but she refused to let him in, a source said. Ayinza then told his auntie, who rang up Nabbumba to find out what was going on.

“I’m not interested in talking to him. I’m done with him, he can go hang himself,”  Nabbumba reportedly told the aunt and asked her to stop calling.

The following day, the aunt couldn’t get hold of Ayinza. She would later receive Ayinza’s photo on a WhatsApp group with the bad news.

Galukande, aka DJ X, a presenter and disc jockey at Buganda Broadcasting Service, was yet to respond to our request for a comment at the time of publishing this article.

Asylum interview

Meanwhile, in the days leading up to his suspected suicide, Ayinza had taken an asylum interview at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

He was denied the asylum, a friend of his US family said.

But he was granted an appeal where he would get a lawyer and his case is forwarded to an immigration judge.

A female workmate says Ayinza, though, had decided he would not bother going to the judge for the appeal and instead return to Uganda.

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