Spirits led me into stealing friend’s merchandise, night dancing — woman held over looting

The 28-year-old reportedly learnt that her friend was tired of the shop business and decided to help her dispose of the merchandise after duplicating her shop key

CRIME | A Kitintale woman held over looting her friend’s shop of valuable merchandise has blamed evil spirits for misleading her into the act and others like night dancing.

The suspect, 28, from Kitintale, is accused of looting merchandise worth Shs20 million from a shop located in Ntinda Kigoowa belonging to a one Peace Tusingwire.

Police later recovered the goods at the suspects home in Luzira Kirombe upon search.

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Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire said the woman hatched the plan of looting her friend’s property after hearing of a rumour that her friend was tired of the shop business and in need of a more decent and well paying job.

She then offered to help with running the shop from time to time.

Investigators revealed that each time an appointment would be set to meet the potential employees, the unsuspecting victim would leave her friend at the shop, giving her a chance to duplicate the shop keys.

The complainant told police in her statement that she had left her trusted friend at the shop which gave her an opportunity to duplicate the keys.

The suspect was later able to access, open the shop and steal valuable merchandise.

Police say the suspect’s phone data placed her at the shop location at the time of the break-in.

She later admitted to stealing the goods and blamed it on spirits forced her to get involved in acts like stealing and night dancing, Police said.

The suspect is currently detained at Ntinda Police Station under charges of theft.

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